It takes work to plan and start a scraping operation. One must first understand what a bot is before selecting, configuring, and avoiding being blocked. Selecting a proxy type is one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make.

Knowing the distinctions between static and rotating proxies is one of the more crucial considerations when choosing between various proxy kinds. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be in a better position to choose a proxy that meets your company’s needs and objectives.  

What Is A Static Proxy?

A static proxy enables web access from a single, distinct IP address. In most circumstances, a static proxy is an IP address from a datacenter that is given to you. The static IP address that was assigned to you may be used for as long as is necessary. A sticky IP address is another frequent name for a static IP address.

You will still be able to profit from utilizing a proxy with static IPs. You may benefit from fast speeds and ample capacity while yet remaining anonymous online. To prevent IP bans when using static proxies, you must develop a specific algorithm that rotates proxies.

There are some exceptions to the rule that residential proxies are always rotating and that most static proxies are datacenter IPs. Find out precisely what kind of proxies you need for your situation, such as static residential proxies or datacenter proxies with a proxy rotator option.

Proxy Rotator

Rotating proxies and proxy rotators are frequently confused. A software program that rotates a group of static proxies will be released later. This software allows you to choose a cooling period for each IP change and automatically assigns IP addresses to devices. The addition of this functionality to datacenter proxies is beneficial. The software is available here. Your online tasks will run as smoothly as butter without any hiccups with the help of this tool and the datacenter proxies.

Sticky or Rotating Proxy: Which One Is the Best Suitable For You?

Those who work in the eCommerce sector are aware that their rivals will be scraping their websites for product information. Although entrepreneurs copy content from the websites of their rivals to expand their businesses, heavy traffic might damage the target web server and detract from the user experience. Since more individuals utilize automated bots for scraping, the target web server would be slowed down, which would eventually cause the websites to go down.

Many website owners employ antibot techniques to prevent these bots’ negative impacts because a bot may even be able to force a company to close its doors. Additionally, website owners use anti-scraping tools to identify suspicious activity and separate real web scrapers from bots. Bots frequently use a single IP address to send a lot of traffic. You must apply your understanding of rotating and static proxies in this situation.


Using rotating proxies has various benefits and some of them are mentioned above in this blog. However, whether it is a resident proxy or sticky proxies, it is better if you buy the premium proxies from a trusted provider such as Rainproxy