A large portion of the Global History and Geography II Regents Exam in New York State is an essay about a persistent subject. How can you be ready for it and ensure that you’ll give it your all?

Practice is an excellent strategy. This manual will teach you how to write an essay about a persistent subject. It provides detailed directions on how to deal with papers and examine the evidence to identify the problem. Another strategy is to read as many instances as you can; fortunately, your trustworthy writer of free essays is always willing to assist.

A Short Notes on Writing an Enduring Issues Essay

Let’s Begin with The Definition of The Persistent Problem

Let’s first discuss the essay’s special topic before going into more depth regarding the organization and format. What is a persistent problem?

An enduring difficulty or challenge is one that has persisted through time and taken on a variety of shapes. It was a problem that many cultures had to cope with, and they did so to differing degrees of success, but it has persisted across time. Examples of persistent problems are the shortage of natural resources or the clash between new ideas and beliefs and customs and traditions.

How to Deal with the Persistent Problems?

The Global History and Geography II exam’s persisting concerns essay scoring criteria is the most crucial. It will provide five historical document extracts and a planning worksheet with an enduring problems chart to assist you in determining the fundamental problem that is present in all five texts.

You should begin studying for the test right away if you want to be able to identify the problem correctly and swiftly when working under time constraints and in a demanding setting. You should start by becoming acquainted with the list of potential discussion topics.

You may (and are encouraged to) utilize any outside information you have gained from other classes, such as Social Studies or US History, as well as your own views and experiences to discuss the topic posed by the collection of papers. The evidence from at least three of the papers listed in the examination worksheet must be included, nevertheless.

Here is a practice you may take to become more at ease naming the problems. In your notepad or word processing program, create three columns, and place the persistent problems from the previous list in the first column. Consider any words or occasions that have a connection to each concern. For instance, you may write the industrial revolution and advances under Technology, and the French and American Revolutions under Conflict.

Try to find less apparent links in the third column, such as the little problems that arise in conjunction with the larger ones. For Revolution and War, they may include mass murder, a reign of terror, the denigration of new visions by the horrors of war, a lack of resources, hunger, and sickness.

A few of the ancillary problems, a neutral or even positive phenomena that resulted from a more significant, underlying issue you must unravel, will most likely be covered in the papers you will be given for study during the test. That implies that you will have to do this procedure backward during the test. It is crucial to practice noticing these connections because of this.

Finishing paragraph

You should summarize your essay, generalize it, and provide a broader perspective for the subject you’ve studied throughout the body of your essay in the final paragraph. Follow the strategy outlined below for a succinct and impactful conclusion:

  • Restate the lasting problem you’ve chosen.
  • Write a summary of your essay’s body. List one main theme every paragraph. Only the idea is necessary; spare us the specifics.
  • Finish with a provocative generalization about persistent problems (such as how they are caused by human nature’s weaknesses or strengths, or how they can never be fully resolved but must be handled by each new generation).

Keep in mind that you cannot provide any fresh information or proof here. Aside from that, stay away from assertions that are not supported by the facts.

How to Write an Essay on Persistent Issues Example

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