In a world where the perfect tan can make you stand out in a crowd, be the topic of conversation, and even become the envy of others, the quest for that sun-kissed glow is ever-present. We all desire to be admired and to feel confident in our own skin. But achieving that radiant, sun-kissed look comes with its challenges. Sun exposure carries the risk of harmful UV rays, and tanning beds have their own set of health concerns. So, what’s the solution?

Introducing the answer to your tanning dreams: Totally Bangin’ – the revolutionary self-tanning mousse that promises a natural, streak-free tan without the risks associated with sun exposure or tanning beds.

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The Vision Behind Totally Bangin’

Behind this innovative tanning solution stands Carly Scott, a dedicated mother and former personal trainer. Carly’s journey to create the perfect self-tanner began when she realized that the products she had relied on in her younger years no longer met her expectations. They left her with unsightly streaks, an unnatural orange hue, and didn’t last as long as she’d hoped.

As someone who had worked closely with celebrities, fitness models, and dancers, Carly understood the importance of a flawless tan. She was determined to provide her clients with a safe, reliable, and long-lasting tanning option. To achieve this goal, she assembled a team of scientific researchers and embarked on a journey to create the ideal tanning solution.

After rigorous testing and refinement, Carly unveiled Totally Bangin’ – a self-tanning mousse unlike any other. It’s formulated with a blend of rare and powerful natural ingredients that deliver the perfect balance of color, coverage, and durability.

The Risks of Traditional Tanning Methods

Before we delve into the remarkable features of Totally Bangin’, let’s take a closer look at the risks associated with traditional tanning methods.

Sun Exposure

Tanning under the sun might seem convenient, but it poses significant dangers to your skin. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to dryness, premature aging, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. UV rays from the sun are a known carcinogen, and protecting your skin is of utmost importance.

Tanning Beds

Tanning beds, often seen as an alternative to natural sunlight, are equally problematic. They emit artificial ultraviolet (UV) light, which can increase the risk of skin cancer, premature aging, and other skin conditions. In fact, the World Health Organization has classified tanning beds as cancer-causing agents.

Other At-Home Solutions

Many at-home tanning lotions and potions on the market may not be as safe as they seem. They often contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), an FDA-approved chemical with unknown long-term effects. DHA can cause skin irritation and redness, leaving you with a fake, streaky tan that fades within days.

Additionally, some tanning products contain alcohol and perfumes, which can dry out the skin’s surface and lead to uneven, blotchy results.

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Totally Bangin’ – The Ultimate Tanning Solution

Totally Bangin’ is the tanning solution you’ve been waiting for. Here’s why it stands out:

100% Natural Botanicals

Totally Bangin’ is powered by 100% skin-loving botanical ingredients that hydrate, plump, and even out the skin’s sensitive outer layer. Unlike other tanners that use alcohol and perfumes, which can lead to dry, flaky buildup, Totally Bangin’ focuses on glycols that attract and lock in moisture.

The formula includes 11 all-natural botanicals, such as Rose Hip Oil, Cranberry Antioxidants, Cocoa Seed Butter, Beet Root Extract, Cucumber, Vitamin C L-ascorbic Acid, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Vitamin E. These ingredients work together to provide a safe, long-lasting tan while nourishing and rejuvenating your skin.

Easy Application

Totally Bangin’ is designed for anyone, whether you’re a tanning pro or a first-timer. The lightweight mousse is easy to apply and dries within minutes, so you can get on with your day. It can be applied at home in just a few minutes, eliminating the need for time-consuming trips to the tanning salon.

Customizable Tanning Shades

With Totally Bangin’, you’re in control of how deep you want your tan to be. You can choose from Sunkissed, Bronzed, or Extra Dark shades by adjusting the application time. Leave it on for 1-4 hours for a Sunkissed glow, 4-8 hours for a Bronzed look, or overnight for an Extra Dark tan.

Long-Lasting Results

Your Totally Bangin’ tan can last up to eleven days, thanks to its unique formula that supports a healthy outer layer of skin. Unlike other tanners that fade unevenly, Totally Bangin’ provides a smooth, even fade, just like a natural tan.


Totally Bangin’ is safe for your face, even if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. Its ingredients, including Vitamin E, Tomato Extracts, Cucumber, and Cranberry Antioxidants, can help reduce inflammation and promote clear, radiant skin.

How to Use Totally Bangin’?

Using Totally Bangin’ is a breeze:

Step #1: Add 2-4 pumps of the lightweight mousse to your tanning mitt.

Step #2: Sweep the mousse evenly over your body, including tricky areas like knees and elbows.

Step #3: The mousse dries in under 3 minutes. Allow it to set for 1-3 hours, or leave it on overnight for a deeper tan. Rinse in a soap-free shower, and enjoy your tan for up to 11 days.

The Benefits Keep Coming

The more you use Totally Bangin’, the better your skin gets. Over time, you’ll notice:

  • Cellulite tightening up as vitamin C, E, and antioxidants work their magic.
  • Stretch marks becoming less noticeable as Rose Hip Oil plumps and smoothes the skin.
  • Dark spots gently fading away with the help of Beet Root Extract and Rose Hip Oil.
  • Red, inflamed areas appearing calmer thanks to Vitamin E.
  • Dry, flaky patches looking polished as Soybean Oil and Tomato Fruit Extract exfoliate and moisturize.

Feel Confident in Your Skin

Totally Bangin’ isn’t just about tanning; it’s about feeling confident and radiant in your own skin. With its natural, customizable, and long-lasting results, you can achieve that sun-kissed glow you’ve always dreamed of, without exposing yourself to the risks of traditional tanning methods.

So, say goodbye to sunburn, skin damage, and streaky self-tanners. Say hello to Totally Bangin’ and embrace the golden goddess within you. Join the over 645 satisfied customers who have already experienced the magic of Totally Bangin’ – the ultimate tanning solution.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Always perform a patch test before using any new product, and consult with a healthcare professional if you have specific skin concerns.