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One of the biggest names in the domestic air aviation industry is Aerovias de Mexico, S.A. de C.V., which is the flag carrier of Mexico and operates under the common term Aeromexico.

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Destinations and routes served by Aeromexico Airlines

56 countries are served by Aeromexico, which also has a number of codeshare arrangements both inside and outside the SkyTeam alliance. The majority of the 56 destinations are domestic, but there are also a number of foreign ones in Asia, Central America, North America, and Europe. Aeromexico Airlines provides a variety of vacation destinations that are only accessible during particular times of the year in addition to regular flights.

The Aeromexico check-in process

There are several check-in options available for Aeromexico flights, including in-person, online, and via smartphone. The minimum check-in time is 30 minutes before a domestic departure, 40 minutes for an international flight without baggage, and 90 minutes for an international journey with checked baggage. Passengers can check in at a counter or a kiosk.

Web-based local check-in Operating hours for Aeromexico are 48 hours prior to departure and 24 hours prior to international departures. For both domestic and international flights, the minimum check-in time is two hours.

Baggage allowance for Aeromexico

Tickets purchased through Aeromexico are permitted to have 2 pieces of carry-on luggage and 1 piece of checked luggage. The utmost dimensions for carry-on luggage are 56x36x23cm, and the weight limit is 10 kg for economy class and 18 kg for premium class.

The second backpack is used to transport personal belongings like a handbag, laptop case, etc. Whatever the class, the weight requirement is 3 kg. The weight limit for packed bags should be 32 kg for first class and 23 kg for the economy.

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Aeromexico Airlines onboard amenities

Your journey begins as soon as you board Aeromexico. Aeromexico’s economy class is a treat for travelers. Your journey will be comfortable thanks to the warm and welcoming cabin staff.

Airline tickets from Aeromexico guarantee travelers an enjoyable and comfortable flight. To keep passengers entertained, the airline provides cutting-edge entertainment options and a fantastic assortment of movies, games, and music. With kid kits and their particular treats, children, as well as adults, are kept busy.

The onboard dishes served by Aeromexico will tantalize your palate. Onboard, patrons can enjoy a variety of foods and beverages with a mix of Mexican, European, and American cuisine influences.

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