The iQ3 is an Internet-enabled set-top box that brings together cable TV and Internet streaming. Due to this, it offers a complete TV experience, enabling users to watch channels live, record shows, and catch up with series on demand. Foxtel shifted the focus from traditional cable broadcast to on-demand content, providing highlights and suggestions for what subscribers may watch.

The latest and greatest features of foxtel remotes are as follows:

  • It is pretty stylish, with a sleek design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Use to record, pause and rewind live TV
  • Only works with the iQ3 & iQ4 set-top box

This substitute Foxtel Remote can be used as an alternative to Foxtel Box or My star or additional or spare remote control.

  • Use the pay TV remote to record and watch the program.
  • Pay TV remote control AV mode.
  • Use the AV button with the loop device.

Pay TV remote control offers a learning function that allows you to copy almost any function from the original remote control to the pay TV remote control.

The foxtel remote iq3 and other Digital Boxes is pre-programmed for Foxtel. Just insert your batteries and it is ready to use for Foxtel IQ, IQ2 & IQ3, and your basic TV functions. It is also programmable for Fetch TV, Telstra TV, Apple TV and many more.

It works just like your Foxtel remote, plus the added advantage of operating your basic TV functions.  It also supports PVR functions like On Demand and has navigation keys for stop, play, pause, FF, rew, etc. With the remote’s learning feature, you can customize the operation of your remote to suit your needs.