The TikTok gaming community is growing. One billion people use the video-first app TikTok every month. The gaming subculture is included.

The gaming community is clearly expanding and migrating to TikTok. TikTok’s top 100 most-viewed gaming-related subjects had a +533% increase in global viewing hours between 2020 and 2021. More importantly, what? There is no indication that it will cease.

TikTok’s timing is perfect, given the meteoric rise in views of short-form video on social media. The social media site is also a community-driven channel for individuals with similar interests to connect and share videos with one another. More and more games are designed to be played with others (like Roblox), and this implies that gaming communities and discussions are becoming integral parts of the gaming experience.

In light of this, game companies would be wise to promote themselves on TikTok. They should buy more followers on TikTok and increase likes on TikTok by focusing on making quality gaming content.

Does TikTok have a large gaming community?

Is TikTok well-liked among gamers, exactly? Given that it’s neither Discord or Twitch, you may as well go on. What is it? Because of its engaging design and genuine user base, TikTok has seen a surge in popularity among gamers.

Is there a key term I should remember here? Connections. TikTok creates a community where gamers can interact with one another and companies, making it a great way to grow an audience and generate new leads. Roughly three-quarters (75%) of TikTok users who are also gamers have found original gaming content on the platform. The perfect destination for exploration is born from the intersection of content consumption and production.

It’s no surprise that the “TikTok made me play it” phenomena is on the increase, given that 41% of TikTok players contribute to the channel. Over 15.6M people have seen this hashtag, making it a symbol of not only a gaming subculture but also a gaming consumption style similar to the viral phenomenon #tiktokmademebuyit.

TikTok Gaming: Video game progression on TikTok

App developer Bytedance is putting more effort into making it a future-proof gaming platform.

For the first time ever, TikTok held a worldwide gaming competition last year. Electronic Arts, 2K, Homa, Playtika, and VNGGames were just some of the big names who spoke to the crowd. In addition, Assaf Sagy, head of global gaming for TikTok, delivered a keynote speech. He’s a big deal in the world of social gaming, having previously headed up Snapchat’s commercial team in Israel and also playing a key role at Playbuzz. This is what he has to say:

In other words, TikTok and video games were almost built for one another. In its short existence, TikTok has shown to be an effective tool for customers to learn about new and exciting products and services. I want to collaborate closely with gaming firms throughout the world to make TikTok a cornerstone of your marketing campaigns.

The growth of gaming on TikTok is obvious, and the company has responded by adding new brand-supporting features.

Gaming on the TikTok app

The Financial Times has claimed that TikTok is planning to include a gaming area where users may access downloadable mobile games.

The TikTok app’s main screen will notify users of the update when it becomes available. An unparalleled opportunity to connect with specific gamers will be made available, making this a huge step forward for the gaming industry as a whole.

In May, TikTok reportedly began testing video games in Vietnam. The inclusion of advertisements in these games provides another channel via which companies may profit from their content.

TikTok seems determined to fill the gap left by Snapchat and Facebook (they are both winding down their gaming platforms). Similar to Netflix’s 2021 initiation of mobile game releases, this one follows a pattern. So, what exactly does this imply for gaming companies?

The moment to join the bandwagon and take advantage of this channel, before your rivals do, is now. Therefore, how can you maximize your marketing return on investment (ROI) and compete head-on with other businesses by joining the TikTok gaming circle? You should know these strategies.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret so that your brand can stop behaving like a Noob and start acting like a Pro. With these pointers in mind, you should be able to increase conversions, catapult brand recognition, and utterly crush your KPIs. Ready? It’s time to start playing.

Boost your advertising budget with influencer marketing.

TikTok’s ad purchases have the potential to be quite effective. True, but only if you get them properly. How can you guarantee that all of your sponsored advertising efforts are generating the highest possible return on investment? Advertising based on influencing others. Working with the correct influencers may have a significant impact on the success of your campaign.

2-second view rates for TikTok ads made in collaboration with creators were 65% higher. Simply said, social media influencers are a more effective way to get attention from your target demographic.

TikTok ads made in collaboration with creators saw a 91% increase in 6-second view rates on the app, suggesting that endorsement from influential users also increases viewers’ propensity to watch for a longer period of time.

What’s that? TikTok ads made in collaboration with creators have an 83% higher engagement rate, which means they have a far greater influence on the people they target.

The most effective strategy for gaming companies is to use a mix of paid advertisements and influencer marketing. For mobile gaming companies, where CTA clicks translate directly into app downloads, this is of paramount importance.