“You have to try many things before finding the right one.” Don’t give up, no matter how hard life gets. Without going through hard times, we don’t get the things or people we deserve. Maddie, a character in Wendy J Brunelli’s book on her brand my story spot, had been in a string of bad relationships, but she was still hopeful that she would find her prince charming.


About Wendy J Brunelli

Even though she knows how to make her words come alive, Wendy J. Brunelli doesn’t call herself an author or a writer. Instead, she thinks of herself as a storyteller who wants to use her quirks and wit to get people interested in what she has to say. Brunelli was the oldest of three siblings and grew up in the middle class in a small town in southern Colorado. Her father worked in a coal mine, and her mother was a tax worker.

Brunelli didn’t know what she wanted to do when she was in school. But she knew she couldn’t spend all her money on schooling in a field she wasn’t interested in. So, for that on her brand, my story spot is that she chose to start working instead because of this. She didn’t get married until she was older and had two kids. She decided to put all her stories on paper to share them with the world. She wanted to show people the ups and downs of her life and give them hope that they shouldn’t give up no matter what life throws at them.


About Her Book Kissing Frogs

This is the story of Maddie, who tells us about her search for the right person. With Kissing Frogs, Maddie shows us that no matter what life throws at us, we should never give up. She has been in many bad relationships, so she knows what it’s like to struggle. But she didn’t let the fact that these relationships didn’t work out get her down. All she wanted in life was to find a partner who could give her love and comfort, someone with whom she could settle down and have a picture-perfect life.

Maddie decided that she had to heal to love someone else after 35 years of tears, struggles, failed relationships, and other disappointments. It took her a long time, but she finally figured out what makes a relationship work. Kissing Frogs is a story about how Maddie’s journey teaches her to keep going, look inside herself, and grow.