There are different rules & regulations for the under-age travelers as it’s a big risk for the parents. American Airlines offers all the necessary information about the journey in Spanish. Here, you’ll read about various things about the child who wishes to fly alone. 

Although, it’s a major American ultra-low-cost airline with headquarters in Florida & operates scheduled flights throughout the states & Caribbean. While flying here, you can enjoy numerous benefits. 

How can you avoid an unaccompanied minor fee?

However, all the children aging between can request this service & it’s quite optional as this fee is waived for the children who have the part of MVP, MVP Gold, or Gold 75 K mileage plan status. 

What are the different ways to book flights for a child?

However, there are three ways to reserve the seats:

  • Phone 
  • Online
  • Assistance by a travel agent  

Policy for the minors :

Under this, children aged between 5 to 14 years are allowed to travel alone but only on direct domestic carriers. On the other hand, the airlines do not allow minors to travel on international flights; connecting domestic & domestic carriers may change. These things relate; 

What is the American Airlines unaccompanied Minor Policy?

Terms & Conditions:

  • For four or below:

All those falling under this category can’t travel alone; they must be accompanied by someone about 15 years old. 

  • 5 – 14 years:

However, they can travel as Unaccompanied minors if they are not traveling with anyone for about 15 years. 

  • 15 & above:

However, those have the same age or older don’t need the specific service. But need to show their birth certificate for the age. 

How to Book the Flight by Phone?

If you wish to make the booking over the phone, then contact the airlines & provide all the details about the child as this is the way to book the seats via phone. 

Apart from this, You can call customer service to book your flight also. You just need to dial the official phone number 800-433-7300 and ask for the American airlines booking process.

Is an unaccompanied minor fee refundable?

Yes, getting a refund for the fee is, however possible if you cancel the reservations & minor doesn’t travel. The other thing is the flight is cancel & you don’t want to reebok. You can also visit the official website & learn more.