Staying on top of the market competition with a huge customer base and brand value is not so easy. An online business operation always depends on several factors like brand identity, product quality, customer feedback, etc. Among them, user experience is one of the prime factors that you never ignore. When your application or website is more responsive and simpler to navigate, you will get a chance to attract more customers and drive more sales. For that, you need to build a solid UI/UX design strategy.


Through effective implementation of professional UI/UX design, you can create an attractive interface, add appealing content, & focus on well-crafted marketing techniques. It also allows you to enhance the usability and functionality of your application or website. In short, a professional user interface design makes your application easy to navigate, as a result, maximizes customer retention rate & boosts ROI. Continue reading to know major aspects of the UI/UX design solution.

Approaches Used In UI/UX Services

If anybody asks “what is UI UX design process?” The best answer is- it depends. The process of UI/UX design usually depends on the type of application or website you are going to design. Different projects need different design approaches, for instance, the process of making a corporate website is always different from the process of designing a ticket booking app. For your convenience, we have shortlisted 5 basic steps of UI/UX designing services below.

Step 1: Market Research and Analysis

Experts properly initiate a UX method by gathering, analyzing & defining the requirements to understand their user’s needs and desires. In this stage, they conduct four types of research to make the design process easier.

  • User Research: With user research, experts study the market to figure out customers’ behavior and demands.
  • Market Research: Market research helps to analyze the target market for determining product differentiation and market segmentation.
  • Competitive Research: Through a competitive research analysis, experts can find out their competitors and evaluate their strengths & weaknesses.
  • Product Research: Product research allows experts to analyze insights as well as analytics from the existing products to determine user behavior.

Step 2: Concept Presentation

Concept presentation and information architecture (IA) are all about managing the content of an application or a website so that users can use their tasks & quickly achieve goals. It’s ideal for demonstrating the interconnections and relationships between all pages of a website or an application. By making information architecture and determining key features of a project, professional designers present a project concept that shows the objectives, basic purposes, and scopes of the project.

Step 3: UI/UX Wireframing and Prototyping

A wireframe layout demonstrates the interface elements that will exist on the final app or web pages. UI/UX wireframing works as a skeletal framework that gives a simplified outline of the final product. In wireframing development, different types of tools are used such as Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, Balsamiq, Axure, etc.


Moreover, UI/UX designers make a complete prototype of the entire website or application. This prototype reveals what will be present on the final website or app pages. It also allows clients and UI/UX designers to properly cooperate while being in an equal context.

Step 4: Fully Functional UI/UX Design 

After completing the wireframes, experts start creating a functional UI/UX for an application or a website. In this step, they prepare & share design specifications such as guidelines, principles, typography, colors, and iconography. They also turn the wireframes and initial mockups into extraordinary images with great-looking styles and themes applied to them. The design phase is highly collaborative & iterative as it requires full participation from all experts involved in UI/UX product design.

Step 5: Product Testing

The testing phase is a crucial step in the UI/UX design development because it helps experts understand clearly whether the final design works for users or not. Generally, the testing phase begins when the high-fidelity design is almost ready. Testing with a high-fidelity UX/UX design gives proper feedback from the end users. During the user testing session, the experts also validate the product with both end-users and stakeholders.


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What to Expect From UI/UX Development Services?

  1. High-Fidelity Prototype: Professional designers always create a high-fidelity prototype that demonstrates the application behavior and shows how it will perform in reality. Apart from that, these prototypes are highly interactive that will give you a complete idea of the project workflow.


  1. Adequate Wireframes: Adequate wireframes offer you a complete outline of a website or application by demonstrating functionality, content, and structure that will exist on the final pages of your application.


  1. Mobile & Web UI Design: Professional UI and UX designer gives the effort to significantly transform your design ideas & thoughts into a fully functional user interface design. From reliable design experts, you can expect good design outcomes that fulfill all your project needs.
  2. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Focusing on the key principles of UI/UX functionality and design implementation, experts deliver fully responsive & cross-platform compatible user interface designs. The cross-platform compatibility ensures that it always works perfectly across multiple platforms.


  1. Technical Design: A technical design allows users to understand the entire technical workflow of the website or mobile application. In the technical design process, experts usually define the technology stack for third-party integrations, all the application components, & interactions of API services.


  1. Software Redesign: If you have a complete website or application but it doesn’t look professional and attractive, software redesigning can be the best option to choose. In this design process, experts deeply evaluate your project and understand your target audience, based on that they sophistically redesign your application to make it look very engaging and appealing.

Benefits of UI/UX Design Services

A well-organized UI/UX experience improves your users’ satisfaction significantly when they interact with your online platform. It converts into high conversion rates, greater revenue, and a smooth business process. Here are the top 5 advantages of adopting UI/UX design in your business:


  1. Increase Customer Loyalty: A solid user experience always delivers you a competitive edge in grabbing & retaining more customers. A well-designed website or application converts a visitor into your potential customer. So, you can easily enhance customer loyalty and trust through a proper UI design service.


  1. Get Insights From User Engagement: Engagement metrics are extremely valuable as they offer insights into what customers are looking for. By optimizing the user experience of your online platform, you can build a completely experimental environment for all your customers where they can interact with your services. Moreover, based on the engagement insights, you can also measure success accurately & shape your online business growth.


  1. Minimize Troubleshooting & Associated Costs: Reports say that more than 50% of an enterprise budget is spent on troubleshooting easy-to-avoid errors. These errors are inappropriate assumptions related to customer behavior and convoluted navigation resulting in customers getting lost or stuck. Authentic UI and UX designs ensure that the user interface development of your online platform is efficiently done which will alleviate any kind of potential headache and complexity in the future.


  1. Increases Conversion Rates: An attractive UI/UX design allows your customers or clients to return to your platform to make purchases. If they start liking the user experience, they will prefer to stay on your site. Moreover, over time, they will also recommend your product or service to their friends and neighbors which will enhance the conversion rate of your online platform. In addition, your landing page’s UX/UX also plays a big role in increasing the rate of conversion of your site or app.


  1. Minimize Development Time & Expenses: Integrating UI/UX in your application development procedure will give you an opportunity to find out multiple usability issues that you would have encountered after the software development process. UI and UX designing experts anticipate and focus on all user’s requirements before they start designing, and ensure that the final design of your site is flexible & scalable too. Adopting a completely user-focused UI/UX design approach will save you resources, time as well as money.


  1. High Performance: High performance mainly influences each parameter of your app or website, including its visibility, loading speed, etc. Users always prefer fast and consistent navigation. But performance errors will create a pathetic impression which maximizes bounce rates. Moreover, it is also more difficult to work on a dysfunctional website or an application than an optimized one. So, hiring a UI/UX design services company makes your entire project much smoother and more effective in the long run.


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Final Words

UI/UX design plays a big role in brand credibility, customer retention, productivity, conversions, high SERP rankings, & customer experience. Whether you are running a well-established online business or a startup, reliable UI/UX design and development services will give you the ultimate solution for all your project needs.


Investing in an advanced UI/UX design service helps you save your money as well as effort on additional design updates & re-designs. For more web UI UX design-related information, get in touch with Sphinx Solutions.