Apple Inc. has been on the top list of hot tech brands since the 2000s, flexing the latest models annually and even twice yearly! However, the pandemic and its aftershocks have led to an earthquake in the economy worldwide. This turmoil of inflation is still causing a chaotic imbalance in the stock market rates. The aftershocks are shocking critics as great losses for the company are dragging the market industry down. Apple, the billion-revenue company, faced an approximately $2 trillion loss due to the stock market fluctuation! The news is all over the internet, and here is a quick guide to all the fuss. 

What could be the possible reason? 

A few reasons for this immense loss of $2 trillion can be the abrupt rise in demand with an even higher price range worldwide for Apple Store. The Asian continent is home to millions of Apple users; however, the taxes and extra charges increased to lacs, leading to higher customer loss as well! 

Another reason to focus on is Apple’s 2020 era analytics which had the maximum demand to buy iPhones and more Apple products due to the quarantine time because online shopping and sale purchase for Apple Store was highest, reaching the market capitalization milestone. It was a major success for the company (approximately $3 trillion before 2021 March!) 

What happened on 3rd January 2023?

Apple faced a steep downfall from then onwards; no matter how many products were released and upgraded, the industry faced an apparent loss within a few months before everyone’s eyes! 

The company simply tumbled below 4% market value, which became the greatest downfall since 2021. With the values shrinking so sharply and steeply, the company faced a hell of a loss in its overall performance, reputation, and capital position. 

What Challenges is Apple facing? 

Apple Store is facing head-start challenges as it stepped in 2023 due to the rise in electronic consumers and market imbalances to cover up. The billion-dollar company developed over 15 extraordinary models in 2022, with three Apple Events! Not to forget March’s Annual Peak Performance and then the following two more in September and October with even upgraded iPads Pro (bigger screens!), iPad Gen 10, MacBooks Pro with ultimate M1 and M2 chipsets with proficient mechanisms, and even miniature technology. Apple users prefer to buy MacBook Pro more than any other laptop! Apple is highly competitive, but slum season is common in all progresses. 


Apple’s budgets may have increased immensely, but only to the year’s limit because the competition has been hell high since October 2022! The latest models from Samsung, Amazon products, Google, and Tesla are also climbing peaks of attraction in the market. Even though not as high as Apple, yet! But the brands are reaching supreme rises in the stock market too. For ipads for sale methuen or Samsung tablets, macbook for sale methuen or laptops, consult authentic and updated sites like all-time best!