Quartz worktops are expensive, but they are worth the cost. There are many other possible countertop materials available, like as laminate, which can be more cost-effective if you only need something temporary. Consider quartz for your worktop renovations if you want to improve your kitchen and increase the value and marketability of your house.

The resilience of quartz

For its longevity and scratch resistance, quartz is known. This means that a quartz countertop will only sometimes need to be replaced. In 1963, an Italian business developed quartz countertops with the intention of designing a material that is exceedingly abundant (quartz) to be stronger than stone.

Quartz is quite hard, but it is not unbreakable, and it can chip or scratch; however, this is very improbable with typical daily use.

How simple are quartz worktops to maintain?

Quartz has the same opulent appearance as granite and marble, but it also has the added virtue of being less porous, making it much easier to keep clean and bacterial-free. Quartz counters can typically be kept at their finest by simply washing them off with soapy water. We advise making your own quartz cleaning solution for more difficult stains. This is merely a mixture of 91% isopropyl and 59% water. This needs to be put in a spray bottle and applied on the stain. After five minutes, it should be allowed to sit before being removed with a microfiber cloth.

How does quartz appear?

Quartz is a remarkable material to use in your home because of its opulent appearance and feel. Because quartz is available in such a wide range of colours and patterns, from natural, neutral creams and greys to eye-catching reds and greens, it is also quite simple to incorporate quartz countertops into your kitchen or bathroom.
Quartz is an excellent option for your house if you’re searching for a beautiful stone with a wide range of colour possibilities that is simple to maintain and will last you over a decade. If you have any queries about quartz or other stone for your house or place of business, get in touch with one of our professionals at Fugen Stone.