According to Dappradar reports, the Opensea NFT marketplace witnessed a trading volume of $12.5 billion in 2021, accounting for 88% of the total NFT trading volume that year.

As per reports from Statista (November 2022), Opensea is the largest NFT marketplace based on all-time sales value.

These facts prove that the Opensea platform will flourish, expand its revenue and scale well in this NFT space.

Launching an NFT marketplace like Opensea will be one of the best NFT business ideas in 2023.

Opensea clone script enables the development of NFT platforms like Opensea.

An Opensea Clone Script is an NFT marketplace script that can readily customize according to business requirements and launched within a matter of time.

In addition, it comes with start-up-friendly business models and requires very few resources while retaining all the features of the modern Opensea platform.

It allows users to mint, sell, buy or trade NFTs effortlessly with its state-of-the-art features like NFT minting Auction, Stats & ranking, etc.

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