Studying English opens the doors to creative imagination. Not only does it develop skills and knowledge that are important for today’s universal environment, but it also inspires change. It helps the young mind to understand the world in all its political, social, cultural, and economic aspects through novels, stories, and poems.

It is safe to say that a variety of vocational courses take place under this course. Although, the main reason for pursuing a BA in English Literature for aspirants has to be a fondness for reading and writing. 

According to the statistics, the English language learning market is growing at a CAGR of 13.6% during the forecast period 2022-2030.

Let’s quickly have an overview of B.A. in English.

BA in English Literature – An Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in English or B.A. in English program is a three-year professional course emphasising a detailed understanding of English Literature, including essays, poetry and several other literary pieces.

The program trains aspiring candidates to understand the fundamental aspects of the subject. The B.A. in English program also develops an independent and creative thinking process and enhances their comprehensive written and spoken communication skills.

Studying for a B.A. in English program is a starting step for students if they want to build a career in teaching, advertising, media, publishing, writing, etc.

BA in English Eligibility Criteria

English is one of the essential subjects in almost every degree. Pursuing B.A. in English is a well-respected degree programme for several reasons if you are keenly interested!

More than 300+ universities in India offer this program in their college. And almost every university has different BA in English eligibility criteria which vary from city to city and university to university. So, it is hard for students to check every university admission process.

Hence, to take some burden off your shoulders, listed below are some of the BA in English eligibility requirements defined by the colleges to get admission to the program:

  • Students need to clear the 12th class in any subject.
  • The score of some universities demands a minimum 45-60% mark in their previous degree.
  • Some universities consider national and state-level entrance exams.
  • Universities also take their entrance level test to know the capability and knowledge of the student.
  • The age limit depends upon the university’s demand.

BA English Syllabus

The BA English syllabus varies depending on the university and nation from which students are pursuing the degree. Currently, it is one of the most demanding and trending undergraduate programs. Moreover, the course allows young minds to grasp career opportunities internationally!

The BA English syllabus deals with the understanding of English grammar, advancement, evolution, origin, and further change in the contemporary world. Prior to we move on to the detailed list of the syllabus, which comes under six semesters; let’s have a look at the core BA English syllabus list –

  • Contemporary Fiction
  • English Poetry
  • Canadian Literature
  • Literature, Language, and Media
  • European Literature
  • Research & Criticism
  • Renaissance Texts

Now that you have the understanding of the core subjects have a look at the listed elective topics that come under three-year of the bachelor’s degrees –

  • Text and Performance
  • Academic Writing and Composition
  • Autobiography
  • Travel Writing
  • Research Methodology

After successfully completing a B.A. in English Literature degree, the students can go for jobs or move for higher education, such as a master’s degree like M.A. or PhD. Apart from that, they can qualify for various meaningful career options in the government, private and public sectors.

If aspiring students want to learn something that can innovate and challenge their beliefs and preconceived notions, B.A. in English Literature is best for them. Studying B.A. in English Literature program gives them an insight into the inner workings of all things. Suppose you are interested in B.A. English, save your time, and apply for this degree today.