Pneumatics is the science and technology of pressurised air-using piped, compressed gas to transmit force and energy. Pneumatic systems have been used in various industries. The pneumatic system relies on the supply of compressed air to work, which is done by an air compressor. An air compressor sucks in the air from the atmosphere and stores it in a tank, which is called receiver. The compressed system is then supplied to system with the help of pipes and valves.

Pneumatics System Components

Variety of components is required in Pneumatic system, some of them are mentioned below

    • Pneumatic Actuators

These are used to trigger control valves to cause motion. These are generally used in assembly lines for loading and unloading process.

    • Pneumatic Cylinders

Cylinders are a mechanical component of the system that produces force through compressed air. Once these cylinders are actuated, compressed air enters into the tube at one of the pistons, which forces a piston to move.

    • Pneumatic Fittings

This equipment provides control for your entire process by connecting to valves and ensuring a leak-free environment.

    • Pneumatic Pumps

This is one of the most vital pneumatic system components. It is used to suck air from the outside environment, compress it and then harness is so that it can be used in the system.

    • Pneumatic Seals

These are primarily used in valves and cylinders to prevent leakage. It is ideal to be used in a low-pressure situation.

    • Pneumatic Tubing

This component helps in protecting from leakage in the entire Pneumatic system.

    • Pneumatic Valves

This is used to control airflow and prevent leakage in the pneumatic system. If these two things are ensured, then the system runs efficiently.

Advantages of Pneumatic Controls System

    • High Durability and Reliability

Pneumatic systems have a long life and require less maintenance. This system uses compressed gas to work, which is less subject to shock and damage.

    • Simple Design

The design of the Pneumatic system is very simple, which is why it is preferred in automatic control systems. You have the option to choose from angular or rotational movement with different speeds.

    • Safety Aspect

A pneumatic system is safer than a hydraulic system as it can work in inflammable conditions without causing a fire. New machines are overload safe up to a limit if there is an overload in the machinery than it may stop.

    • Economical

Pneumatic systems are less costly and the cost of maintenance of its components is very less, which is why it is an inexpensive option.

    • Environment-friendly
    • Pneumatic controls in Illinois system does not produce pollutants. They are best to be used in places where a high level of cleanliness is required.
    • Easy selection of speed and pressure

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