Before you decide on choosing an Android developer, you need to decide on one important point – whether it is more in demand than iOS development. Then you can plan the specific stages of your future Android developer career.

Where to build a career: in iOS and Android development?

There are several criteria for comparison.

Android is more common

Android runs a huge number of gadgets – smartphones, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, TVs, smart homes, etc.


This creates more jobs and makes it easier to find jobs in the industry.

In the Android development community is a little bit more – easier to find the answer to a question, a ready-made solution or training materials. This is partly because Android is an Open-Source system and the community itself supports the development of the system.


Diversity complicates application development. Due to the huge number of smartphones and other devices, developers are unable to test and test apps everywhere. Therefore, Android apps are more likely to experience bugs or instability.

Open-Source operating system generates a huge number of developments – they can be difficult to figure out, to find the best, to choose the right one. However, experience in the range will be easier to deal with.

Fewer gadgets running on iOS

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For example, the iPhone range is small compared to all Android smartphones. Under such a ruler you can make a reliable application, test it and «polish it to shine».

Apple is very supportive of the iOS development community by issuing instructions to improve application performance, informing about updates, etc. In short, system updates are more predictable and transparent.

Of the cons: Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, TV, Mac OS, clock) differ in approaches to application development. This complicates the work of the programmer but also gives more career opportunities. Also checkout information on Metaverse technology.

How to Become an Android Developer

To become an Android developer, you don’t have to graduate. Very few IT employers look at higher education. They are interested in the skills of the employee, and his experience in mobile development. Higher technical education will allow one to develop the necessary thinking and will give a good background, but it is not a guarantee of success.

Want to become an Android application developer – learn the basics of programming, and the Android environment, solve problems with Java and hone your skills. It’s a great move to create your program or game and put it on Google Play or at least GitHub. First, you can refer to it in your portfolio – it will be advantageous to distinguish you from the newcomers. Second, there is a small chance that the app in Google Play will one day «shoot» and become popular.

You can go on an internship in an IT company. If you are lucky, you will even be paid a small salary. But the main advantage of the internship – it allows a short time to fill gaps in knowledge and raise their level.

Career development

Once you have 1-2 years of commercial development experience, the Middle Android developer will open up for you – it requires more independence, the ability to solve more complex tasks, but also pays 2-3 times above the starting position (Junior-a).

It is followed by the position of Senior Android developer – it can be applied for by developers with great experience and fundamental knowledge in their field. Large companies also have positions of Team Lead (the leader of the Android development team dealing with the organization of work) and Tech Lead (the leader developing the application architecture and responsible for the technical part of development).