Good hand hygiene is the best way to stop the spread of illnesses linked to healthcare. Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) strain patients, complicate medical procedures, raise costs, extend hospital stays, and even threaten life. Everyone agrees that practicing proper hand hygiene is one of the best strategies to stop the spread of illnesses. Nonetheless, despite many efforts, the total median compliance with hand hygiene guidelines is only 40 percent. Numerous solutions have been devised to increase compliance with hand hygiene guidelines. The best of these tactics involve using a hand hygiene monitoring system. They offer enormous business benefits, including cost savings, safer working conditions, and customer satisfaction.


About hand hygiene monitoring system

The hand hygiene monitoring system enables you to precisely track hand hygiene incidents by person, ensuring that every healthcare worker adheres to regulations and offering helpful advice for development. This not only supports your efforts to avoid infections, but it can also assist your hospital in improving.

Get in touch with MGM Solutions to find out how our comprehensive electronic hand hygiene monitoring system may assist with infection prevention and compliance efforts at your hospital. You can now change your hospital’s creation, monitoring, and reporting of hand hygiene compliance. Have your employees adopt a new perspective on hand washing to improve patient safety. We can also help you with an equipment tracking system.

Top 3 benefits of hand hygiene monitoring system

Below are the principal advantages among the many available:

  • It helps save time & Human Resources and makes life easier.

The hand hygiene monitoring system allows measurable findings, with the sole costs being the installation and a monthly fee to operate the system. One of the main advantages for firms is, without a doubt, saving time and money on training and hiring a direct observation resource. Furthermore, can you really afford a mistake when poor hand hygiene can result in major health issues?

  • Higher rate of compliance. 

We have found that a non-intrusive, impartial eye helps significantly to raise the compliance rate. Comparatively, when food handlers know they are being watched constantly, it also tends to produce a lesser Hawthorne effect. Also, the personnel may get more frequent and tailored feedback, which enhances compliance.

  • Data that improves decision making

Companies can audit their hand hygiene procedures and create a hand hygiene compliance checklist using automatic data download and analysis. It can help you maintain the best germ-free working environment and provide better service.

List of questions to ask a hand hygiene monitoring system vendor

  • Do you have any experience in medical hand hygiene?

Ask the vendor about their experience and the company’s reputation regarding providing solutions like hand hygiene monitoring systems.

  • Is the hand hygiene monitoring system accurate?

Ask them about the system’s accuracy.

  • Does the system monitor the use of both soap and sanitizer?

Ensure by asking whether the system monitors the soap and sanitizer use.


Final verdict

As an efficient technique to help change habits and increase hand hygiene compliance, performance monitoring, data collecting from observations of hand hygiene practices, and staff feedback are frequently used. Computerized compliance monitoring tools often offer a neutral and thorough assessment of hand hygiene usage inside a business. In addition to monitoring, installing these methods has shown to be a successful intervention to increase hand hygiene. Do you want to learn more about how you can guarantee that your staff takes care of these? Contact MGM Solutions now whether you need help with a hand hygiene monitoring system or an equipment tracking system.