In the HR department, payroll software plays a vital role in managing HR core functions such as organizing, managing, and automating the employee’s payments. It helps lower costs and comply with tax laws and other financial rules. This article discusses India’s top 10 payroll software products suitable for small businesses. Without further do, let us dive in.


Beehive: It is cloud-based payroll management software. It covers the entire life cycle of an employee, right from the recruitment process to the resignation or retirement process. It is user-friendly software. This software enables the employees to submit the leave application, and HR managers can approve it quickly.


Opportune HR: it is one of the best HR payroll software among the top 10 payroll software. The HR manager can choose any day for salary disbursement. Some of the fantastic features of Opportune HR payroll software are managing new employees, exit employees, retirement, monthly compensation, arrears, and increments.


GreytHR: This payroll software has been in the HRMS softer industry for over 20 years. It provides excellent HR and payroll services to clients. It is highly business-centric. Hence the feedback from the customers is highly satisfied with the services. It is a user-friendly software in India. In India, GreytHR software is a cloud-based payroll software that sees all the aspects of payroll and follows all the statutory compliances. Even it helps in automating the reimbursement of loans.


ADP Vista: it is designed to handle the complex task of all types of business. It can be customized as per the requirement of the company. The software provides payroll services and is associated with features such as PF, TDS, and ESI deductions in a single click.


GoforHR: This HR Payroll software has a robust workflow. It allows the user to access it from anywhere and is a mobile-friendly application. It manages employee databases, leaves management, appraisal system, payroll, and more.


SmartHR: it is one of the best online payroll software in the Payroll software industry. It has more functionalities covering daily tasks and other HR core activities.


Keka: This payroll software is employee-centric. It has new features, which helps in simplifying complex tasks. This software can be used on the go at our convenient time, and it also provides an option to track the assigned task of employees.


HRXpert from Mega: it has a user-friendly interface, and it provides a biometric machine. It keeps track of salary transfers and helps manage small and medium-sized businesses.


Tally. ERP9: it is one of India’s most well-known software for managing accounting, inventory, and payroll systems. It helps in managing the salaries of employees and statutory norms and processes. It provides an option to generate email payslips for all employees.


Razor Pay: It is an excellent payroll software for small businesses. The product will handle all the payroll activities, from onboarding employees to automating the payment and filing the returns. It also automates compliance payments like TDS, PF, and ESI with periodic fillings, salary, and leave management. It provides 100% customer support and no hidden charges.





The payroll software plays a vital role in the HR department. It allows employees to work without any hassle, and with the help of good payroll software, the company can increase employee efficiency as the payment can be made on time without any delay and with accurate information. Hence, it helps in the growth of an organization. Those mentioned above are well-known Payroll software in India, provided at an affordable cost and with good services. Therefore, every business must have good payroll software to increase efficiency and reduce costs and errors.