One of the things most people look forward to each year is going on vacations whether it’s across the country, within the city and so on! Travelling is always a great way to spend leisure time with friends, family, loved ones or alone!

But you can’t deny travelling with family is one of the most blissful moments you can cherish each year! This allows you to bond by discovering new things together, creating more memories and even trying new foods and seeing new sights together! 

And although family vacations are the best, you also can’t deny how costly it can be to travel in a group. But don’t get this wrong and cancel on tours and not go shopping, no! There are tons of ways to stick to your travel budget and still have a great time!

One of the things that eat up your budget has got to be accommodation so consider going for family-friendly lodgings instead of fancy hotels and resorts. To help you with this dilemma, below are places perfect for families and big groups!

1 – Travel and sleep dormitory-style with Hostels!

Hostels are a good option for budget lodging plus they can accommodate various bed spacers at once. If you’ve never been to a hostel or never stayed in one, basically it is an accommodation that caters to guests looking for short-termed space.

Hostels are popular amongst the youth, its dormitory-style lodging is for sharing so you can expect to share a room with other lodgers. But if you book earlier ahead, you and your family might be able to rent out all the bunk beds in one room, so no need to worry about sharing a room with other folks.

Most hostels don’t offer toiletries and other common amenities you might find in hotels. But most hostels do offer a common area, Wi-Fi and even parking. Just make sure to bring your toiletries when deciding to stay in a hostel.

In a hostel, you’ll be provided with clean bedsheets, blankets, pillows and sometimes towels. In your room, apart from the bunk beds, you’ll be able to find a table and chair, outlets and even mirrors sometimes. Oh, we almost forgot, since hostels offer shared spaces, you also need to know they offer shared bathrooms too.

How much do hostels usually cost?

Well, depending on the city and hostel of your choosing it may vary. But common costs for a night are usually around $10 to $40 at most.

2 – Fully furnished apartments for less with Serviced Apartments!

Another accommodation that’s perfect for group and budget travelling is serviced apartments! This kind of lodging offers you fully furnished bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens and even laundry areas. This is also a great option for short or long stays!

Most serviced apartments (well the good ones) offer free parking for in-house guests, free Wi-Fi, bike and luggage storage, are pet friendly, offer good customer service and have housekeeping.

Serviced apartments are a great alternative for hotels since they’re cheaper, offer quality rooms and space, are cheaper the longer you stay and offer tons of great amenities! Some serviced apartments also have gyms, wellness corners, grocery and restaurant delivery and so much more!

For location, serviced apartments are usually located in the city so you’re near stations, popular sights, shopping malls, restaurants, monuments and so on. Plus some good serviced apartments offer flexible cancellation, have a “book now, pay later policy” and even offer you exclusive deals!

How much do serviced apartments usually cost?

Depending on the city you visit, the date you booked, the number of rooms you get and also the serviced apartment you chose, it may vary. But usually, it can cost around $100 as its baseline, so it can either go above or below.

3 – Go flexible hours with Motels!

Motels, unlike other kinds of accommodation, allow you to check in and check out any time you, please! This kind of lodging is quite popular in the USA and is a room-only lodging that comes with a parking space. This is a great option for lodging when travelling on a budget since it’s one of the cheapest ones on the list!

In a motel room, you’ll be able to find a bed/s, a table with chairs, a television, a vanity and a bathroom. Depending on the kind of motel you get, some come with a kitchen area and even have bathtubs in the bathrooms.

Since they don’t charge per head but per hour, this is a great option for group travelling. You can opt to get a room with two beds and fit 4 people. If you need more space, get another room! It will still cost you less compared to staying in one hotel room.

How much do motel rooms usually cost?

Same as any kind of lodging it may vary. But for motels, its common rate per night falls to $60 to $80. So to get better rates, try scouting for other motels in the area or use a booking app to get better deals. 

Take away

Now you know 3 affordable accommodations to consider when travelling, you’ll be able to save a bit more. Even use that extra money on more tours, activities and even for shopping! So no need to skimp on the fun part of travelling and consider affordable lodging!