Construction professionals in India are becoming more ever than ever these days. For Instance, apart from the on-site duties, they often research the latest developments in this industry. To substantiate, they keep themselves updated with the latest construction machinery and equipment. Moreover, they always look for ways in which they can maximise their work output with the help of these machines. Subsequently, brands like Kobelco and LiuGong have identified their demands and requirements. Hence, they constantly manufacture equipment with the latest technology and innovative features. 

Featuring Top 2 Construction Equipment Under 40 Lakhs Range

LiuGong 908E Excavator 

This is a hydraulic excavator designed for various applications. To illustrate, this model, with its high-performing engine, can generate up to 60 HP. Additionally, it comes with an operating weight of 8000 kg. This feature hence ensures maximum work output. Moreover, this excavator can dig as deep as 4030 mm. This dig depth capacity makes this machine capable of handling medium-sized projects.

Furthermore, it also features a hydraulic system that allows smooth and precise movements. Additionally, its boom and arm are high-strength steel, ensuring durability. Above all, this excavator price in India ranges from Rs. 25 – 27 Lakhs.  

Kobelco 5035 Crane 

The Kobelco 5035 is a highly capable mobile hydraulic crane with a maximum speed of 33 Kmph. This spectacular speed limit makes this machine an ideal option for professionals who need fast & efficient transportation of heavy materials. Additionally, with its powerful engine, the crane provides exceptional work efficiency. Moreover, it also operates in an environmentally friendly manner. Furthermore, the operator’s cab is both comfortable and practical, with a clear load display that is easy to read. Despite its many features, the Kobelco 5035 is available at a relatively affordable price. For Instance, this crane price in India starts from Rs 34-36 Lakhs. Such a price bracket makes it the best choice for those who require a reliable yet cost-effective crane. 

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