Joining an affiliate program of a large bank helps create great passive income. You earn a significant amount each time a loan is sanctioned via your referral.

The process is quite simple and hassle-free. Become a loan agent by registering on an app, start referring the product to needy people and get a percentage of the loan amount as your income.

Participate in such a popular referral program on the IDFC FIRST Bank My FIRST Partner app where the registration can be done within minutes free of cost.

It is PCI DSS Security Compliant which keeps your data safe from breaches. Upload your documents and personal details to get started. Below are the many benefits.

Supplement Your Income

Not many of us manage to earn enough for ourselves. This might become more prominent after the pandemic since the RBI estimated 6.7% retail inflation for FY2023.

Considering the highest paying referral program on the IDFC FIRST Bank My FIRST Partner app can be quite helpful in this situation and otherwise.

Receive a flat 1.5% commission per loan disbursal. Being consistent in your effort of referring the personal loan gives you a chance to accumulate ₹50,000 or higher per month.

It can be used to clear utility bills, boost credit scores, pay off debts or simply as an emergency fund.

Learn New Skills

The IDFC FIRST Bank My FIRST Partner app is not only the highest paying referral app but helps inculcate different skill sets too.

These include verbal marketing and maximising your social circle. You also learn to identify money-earning opportunities which are not necessarily serious jobs.

Further, your convincing skills are also polished which helps you sell the personal loan to your family, friends and neighbours who are in financial need.

Earn On the Move

You can participate in personal finance affiliate programs from anywhere. All you need is a steady internet connection and a smartphone.

Now use the app while travelling to your workplace, on a vacation or even while in office during your free time.

Talk to people on the go about the features and benefits of the personal loan and persuade them to borrow. Earn an amount once the loan amount is disbursed.

Zero Investment

There is no monetary investment. So, anyone with minimal income like students and housewives can participate easily. This means you do not have to pay anything for registering for the program, joining, membership or renewal.

Neither do you have to undergo any paid training since the Relationship Manager and mentors offer support for free. This makes the finance affiliate program quite affordable and convenient.

Perks and Rewards

You can get cash prizes, gadgets and recognition on zonal, regional and national levels for outstanding performances.

They are added benefits to maximise the referral work. These make the program interesting and appealing.

Becoming a loan agent is an invaluable service to the community. You are helping people who need funds for hospitalisation, travel or business needs.

Download the IDFC FIRST Bank My FIRST Partner app to start a second income and reap these benefits right away.