Blink cameras provide a smart security system to keep your home protected. It provides so many functions like motion alerts, two-way audio to speak and hear, night vision, and video resolution. Blink cameras can unite with the Alexa voice assistant in order to get controlled by an Alexa device via your voice. But at times due to some reasons, Alexa won’t connect to Blink camera. If you are suffering from Alexa won’t Connect to Blink Camera, follow the below steps to link your Blink camera to Alexa.


Why Alexa won’t connect to Blink camera?


The following reasons can cause Alexa won’t connect to blink camera:

  • The Internet connection is not working.
  • You have put the wrong commands. 
  • Blink camera and Alexa is not getting power.

Steps to resolve Alexa not connecting to Blink camera:

Suffering from Alexa not connecting to Blink camera, go through the below steps to fix this Alexa won’t connect to blink camera issue:

  • Initially open the Alexa app on your phone and then click on more located in the right bottom corner. Also Check the internet connection or connect Alexa to WiFi network.

  • Choose the routine and then you need to name your routine.

  • Once you name your routine then click on the next to open the ‘when this happens’ tab.

  • Then choose the smart home option and make sure that you selected the Blink camera.

  • If you want Alexa Setup to make an announcement when it will detect any motion then simply add the action and press Alexa.

  • After that, you can enter whatever you would like to say to your Echo device when it detects the motion.

  • Then select the device you would like to get notifications on. In this case, select the Echo device.

  • Add a new action and select the customized action and then click when Blink detects motion and there you can also name your routine.

  • And from now on the Echo show will automatically display your Blink camera when it will detect motions.

  • You can talk to your Blink camera through the Echo show but if you won’t able to do that then you will not be able to talk to the Blink camera through the echo show. According to Blink, the device will only listen to the audio feature.

Sum Up:

If you are suffering from Alexa not connecting to Blink camera then follow the above mentioned methods carefully and you will be able to resolve it. Before connecting link your blink account with Alexa then you are good to go. This is quite simple and can be done in a minute.