Got a laptop and an internet connection? Here’s your online MBA degree!

Online MBAs allow graduates to advance their education and careers from anywhere with the help of technology and an internet connection. Students pursuing online MBA programs often prefer working full-time while completing their studies, enjoying the benefits of a reputable education without the worry of moving to a new location. MBA programs help students understand main subjects like management, finance, and human resources.

Online MBA programs are a trending choice among learners. Naturally, it tops the menu of many universities and institutes across the globe. But what exactly is “learning worm”? Learningworm helps the students pursue their degrees by connecting them to distance or online learning Universities/Institutes.

The following are the courses that our top universities have partnered with us to offer to students:

Online MBA in Information Technology and Systems Management:

Focuses on teaching the fundamentals of technology in order to build a dynamic career in the information technology marketplace.

Online MBA in Retail Management degree:

Allows you to integrate general management concepts with retail management principles.

Online MBA in supply chain management:

Introduces concepts and delves deeper into supply chain management theory and application.

Online MBA in Marketing Management:

Provides a more in-depth understanding of the various functions and principles of marketing that can be applied in the workplace.

Online MBA in International Trade Management:

Has a detailed course structure that spreads across four semesters and will cover trading policies, producing and sourcing goods, services from across the globe, and the exchange of capital.

Online MBA in Banking and Finance Management:

Helps develop in-depth knowledge of financial business operations and policies, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge practically.

Online MBA in Financial Management:

Program teaches you the fundamentals of finance, auditing, accounting, and capital management.

Online MBA in Human Resource Management:

Will help you understand management concepts and integrate them with human resource management principles.

Online MBAs in Operations Management:   

Teach students how to integrate business management fundamentals with operations management principles.

Online MBA diploma in business management:

Is designed to give students an overview of a business framework as well as the functionality of various business models.

If you are considering an online MBA, this is your chance to grab this golden opportunity and take a step towards your dreams with LearningWorm.