Set in forested hills that form the highland valley and the sprawling Tegucigalpa is blessed with a refreshingly clean and mild climate as well as an incredible setting. It’s a bustling , lively area, yet one that numerous travelers limit their time or avoid completely. This is unfortunate as Tegus (as everyone in the area calls it) is a fascinating city that has some great places to eat, and museums, and an atmosphere of a city that is on the rise. Keep an eye on the surface and you’ll be able to see an exciting young urban scene that is led by a new generation of DJs, artists, musicians and even designers. Make your tegucigalpa trip memorable, book now Cheap Flights from Miami to Tegucigalpa and save more.

Parque Naciones Unidas El Picacho

The small hilltop park that is 6 km from downtown is a crowded walking trails. However, the primary reason to go is to sit at the foot of the roughly 20m tall El Cristo del Picacho (entry L10) which you might have seen illuminated, hovering over the city in the evening. There are panoramic views of the city from the top.

Plaza Morazan

In the middle of the city lies the Plaza Morazan, often called Parque Central by locals – it is the center of Tegucigalpa. A statue of the former President Francisco Morazan on horseback sits in the center of the square. A lavish baroque cathedral built in the 18th century is visible from the square. Step inside and you’ll see an elaborate altar of silver and gold.

Centro de la Cultura Garinagu de Honduras

It’s definitely worth visiting this cultural center. It’s located right next to the Parque Morazan, which is handicrafts, clothes and tools displayed, and libraries and information on Garifuna culture. Garifuna people. The staff are also able to inform you of the best places to watch Garifuna dancers perform their amazing sensual and athletic dance moves.

Basilica de Suyapa

The most significant church in Tegucigalpa as well as in Honduras is this Neo-Gothic basilica. La Virgen de Suyapa is considered to be the patron saint of Honduras In 1982, the Pope issued a decree making Her the saint who is patronized by the entire region of Central America. The building of the basilica which is known for its enormous stained-glass windows, started in 1954.

Iglesia Los Dolores

The church that stands out, and stands out in a plaza that is otherwise dull it is decorated with attractive artworks of the religious arts. The church’s fa├žade is decorated with figures depicting Christ’s Passion of Christ the cloak he never sealed as well as the rooster which swung three times, and the crowned rooster that was crowned by the more familiar sun symbol.

Iglesia La Merced

The 1847 monastery of La Merced was converted to house Honduras the first university. the nation’s national gallery was founded in 1996. It was relocated to Comayagua in the year 2015. The building, which has been well-maintained, is an art piece, and just as amazing as the paintings in.

Monumento a La Paz

The monument, located in Tegucigalpa’s most renowned park, was constructed in 1996 to commemorate the idea of peace for everlasting between the ‘fraternal countries in Central America.

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