Are you in desperate need of rest and renewal? You don’t need to look any farther because SG MagicTouch Massage provides the best spa experience to your door in Singapore’s busy metropolis. Here, we’ll take you on a tour of the Singapore Massage Service, where convenience and peace coexist.

Your Private Oasis, with the Click of a Button

A massage outcall service from SG MagicTouch Massage reimagines convenience. Imagine getting a spa-quality massage without ever leaving your house, flat or hotel room. This fantasy comes true with SG MagicTouch Massage.

It only takes a few mouse clicks to schedule your massage online. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, one of our highly trained therapists will be at your location in a flash, prepared to give you a classic massage that will instantly put you in a state of exquisite relaxation.

The Advantages of Conventional Massage

We at SG MagicTouch Massage are really proud to offer conventional massage treatments that put your health first. Our objective is to provide top-notch services that satisfy the needs of customers looking to unwind, have fun, and rejuvenate their bodies and minds.

We are aware of how crucial it is for you to be comfortable and in good health. In order to ensure that our therapists uphold the highest standards of expertise and professionalism, we carefully select and train them. In order to make sure that every massage session is both safe and relaxing, hygiene is another top priority for us.

Your Route to Ultimate Relaxation

Mind-Blowing Thai Massage:

Our traditional Thai massage is intended to increase your body’s range of motion, boost blood flow and lymphatic drainage, lessen discomfort, and loosen stiff joints. Additionally, it helps your neurological system and lowers toxin levels in the body. You can choose from one of our carefully chosen aromas to add aroma oil to your massage for an additional layer of relaxation.

$60 for 60 minutes; $180 for 90 minutes; $220 for 120 minutes

Sensual Massage for Wellness

Experience our best-reviewed wellness massage, which is delivered with relaxing, gentle strokes that cover your entire body. You embark on a sensory trip during this massage, which offers moments of tremendous pleasure and relaxation. Self-esteem and self-confidence are raised as a result of its promotion of general well-being on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

$30 for 60 minutes; $300 for 90 minutes; $120 per hour; $350

Unclothed Body Massage

Enjoy something unique with our Nude Body Slide Massage. As the name implies, our knowledgeable therapists use body sliding methods to offer a distinctive and extraordinarily soothing encounter. This massage has anti-aging properties and is especially helpful for people who suffer from insomnia.

$270 for 60 minutes; $300 for 90 minutes; $50 for 120 minutes

Four-Hand Massage

You want to completely get away from everything. The remedy is one of our 4 Hands Massages. Experience the ecstasy of a soothing massage from two talented female therapists who work in unison. You can enjoy moments of sheer pleasure and mental relaxation thanks to this indulgence, which also helps you release built-up tension and improve body self-awareness.

$50 for 60 minutes; $680 for 90 minutes; $75 for 120 minutes

Reserve Your Bliss

It’s simple to make a massage reservation with SG MagicTouch Massage. After 10:30 p.m., there is a $20 extra for out-of-town appointments. Contact us via WhatsApp or phone at +6593928849 to make an immediate reservation.

Be assured that there are no additional fees or hidden expenditures, and our therapists never ask for tips. Our top priority is making you happy.

With SG MagicTouch Massage, learn the art of relaxation. Book your massage right away to start your road to calm and wellbeing.

Contact information: +6593928849 (phone or WhatsApp).

Let SG MagicTouch Massage deliver the calming touch of tranquilly to your doorstep right away.