10 Games Categories of 2023

Games have come a long way from where they started and have now been divided into multiple categories or genres and further into sub-categories. We have listed the top 10 games categories in 2023 so that everyone can find something to play, no matter what their preference is.

1. Action Games

One of the most popular game categories, preferred by gamers worldwide due to its
fast-paced nature and intense gameplay. Another reason why most gamers like
action games is because of their considerable diversity; They can be plat formers,
survival, shooters and fighting games, each of which is unique in its own way. Some
renowned action games are God of War, Spider-Man, Resident Evil, and Red Dead

2. Sports Games

Based on real-life sports like soccer, football, cricket, wrestling, badminton and
many more. Sports Games are a source of instant adrenaline for gamers and
enhance the feeling of competition while playing. You can play against a
computer or your friend, and nowadays, you can even play multiplayer against a
player in real-time on the internet. FIFA and NBA 2k are some of the most
popular titles played all over the world.

3. Battle Royale

Games Battle Royale is currently the most trending game category on all
platforms. The beauty of battle royale games lies in the fact that there can only
be one winner, be it a single person or a team. In a battle royale match, up to 100
players compete singly or in a group of two, three and four, namely duo, trio and
squads. The goal is quite simple; you have to eliminate the other players or
teams and survive until the end to gain victory. Some of the most played battle
royale games are Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends and COD Warzone.

4. Action-Adventure

Games A blend of two game categories, “Action” and “Adventure”, as the name
indicates. The mechanics are focused more on the action element. The player
has to find their way through a specific realm, complete long and short quests,
and overcome obstacles which may include boss battles and side battles, all with
the help of items or equipment found in the game.

5. Role Playing Games (RPG)

Role Playing Games mostly take place in a fictional setting where the player has
control over a fictional character and has to complete various quests or battle
multiple opponents to advance in the game. RPGs are played all across the
globe by people who love a combo of strategy and fantasy.

6. Adventure Games

Adventure Games are not popular amongst gamers because of the slow
storytelling process and the focus on completing tasks to progress further in the
game. In an adventure game, players can freely interact with the surroundings
and have to complete several quests in order to complete the storyline. Some of
the top adventure games are Stray, Assassin’s Creed and The Witcher 3: Wild

7. Racing Games

Racing Games provide a thrilling driving experience to the player where they get
to be a part of various races like drag races, circuit races, Stock car races and
Rally races. Players have to compete against a computer or a clock and
sometimes other players as well. Most played Racing Games include Forza
Horizon, Need for Speed, Dirt Rally and Assetto Corsa.

8. Fighting Games

A sub-category of Action Games which has taken the world by storm ever since it
came out. In fighting games, a list of playable characters is available to choose
from, each with its unique ability, fighting style or weapon. This category is
focused mainly on hand-to-hand combat in which the player has to fight a series
of opponents, which get stronger and more difficult to fight as the game
progresses. This category includes AAA titles like Tekken, King of Fighters and
Street Fighter.

9. Real-Time Strategy Games

In Real-Time Strategy Games, players are bound to collect resources of some
sort and progress in the game by upgrading their units and combat resources
and battling other players. This kind of game requires the player to be mentally
sharp and active to analyze the situation and act accordingly. RTS games are
also considered a kind of mental exercise. Some popular RTS games are Clash
of Clans, Age of Empires and Rise of Kingdoms.

10.Simulation Games

Simulation Games are made to imitate real-life activities like piloting a vehicle,
raising a family and even working on a farm. In Simulation Games, the players
have complete control of their surroundings and can even alter them according to
their preferences. Simulation Games include sub-categories like Vehicle
simulation, Life simulation, Animal Simulation and many more. Some popular
simulation games are Microsoft Flight Simulator, The Sims, Farming Simulator,
and Project Cars 2.