An exciting and unforgettable experience, travelling by train gives you a glimpse of the varied landscapes and cultures of India. While travelling, it’s important to satiate your hunger with delectable food. Passengers can now enjoy a gastronomic delight during their rail journey thanks to RailRecipe’s simple and effective service to¬†book food in train.

Using RailRecipe to Order Food in Trains is Convenient

The days of having to endure bland, tasteless food while travelling by train are long gone. RailRecipe has changed the way people eat on trains by offering a convenient online ordering system. Passengers can enjoy their journey more by ordering their favourite meals and having them delivered right to their seat in just a few easy steps.

A Vast Menu to Appease All Tastes

RailRecipe is extremely proud of its extensive menu, which accommodates a wide range of preferences and tastes. Every palate will be satisfied by RailRecipe’s selection of mouthwatering street food from various regions or the comforting sandwiches and parathas, whether you’re craving the rich and aromatic flavours of North Indian curries or the spicy and tangy delights of South Indian cuisine.

Our top priorities are quality and cleanliness

RailRecipe places the highest priority on quality and sanitation when it comes to ordering food in trains. By collaborating with reputable eateries and food suppliers, RailRecipe makes certain that each meal is prepared with fresh ingredients and complies with stringent hygiene standards. To ensure that passengers only receive the best food, each dish is put through rigorous quality checks.

Easy ordering procedure for a positive experience

Passengers can easily order food in trains with RailRecipe, making it a practical option. Travellers can enter their train information or PNR number on their user-friendly website or mobile app, browse the mouthwatering menu, choose their favourite dishes, and then check out using secure payment methods.

Personalization through Customization

Every passenger has different tastes and dietary needs, and RailRecipe is aware of this. As a result, they give customers the option to modify their food orders to meet their specific requirements. Your dining experience will be tailored to your needs by RailRecipe’s team, who are always available to accommodate any special requests or dietary restrictions you may have.

Delivery on Time for a Smooth Journey

A key component of the food reservation service is prompt delivery, and RailRecipe excels in this regard. At the appointed station stop, they make sure that your food is delivered directly to your seat to prevent any inconvenience or delay. This punctuality guarantees that you can enjoy your meal without interruption, resulting in a hassle-free and enjoyable journey.


RailRecipe’s service for ordering food in trains provides passengers with a delightful and practical way to indulge in a culinary delight during their rail journey. RailRecipe guarantees a pleasurable dining experience while on the go with its extensive menu, focus on quality and hygiene, simple ordering process, customization options, and on-time delivery. Therefore, the next time you want to go on a train adventure, let RailRecipe help.