Boosting Innovation through Tech Talents
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) believes that nurturing tech talents is a key factor in driving innovation. To this end, it runs a number of programmes through its InnoAcademy to nurture young people into tech leaders.

One of the most recent examples is the “Talent Living with Tech” (TLT) programme, which aims to help students in university-level studies transition into the I&T industry. It aims to attract talented graduates to take on full-time R&D roles in partner companies located at HKSTP’s Science and Technology Park, where they will receive a comprehensive 26-month talent development and career guidance 香港科创人才.

The programme will also include training in leadership and innovation, as well as an Innovation and Technology Industry Bootcamp, giving talents the opportunity to gain firsthand experience from the world’s leading technology firms. It will also include an exclusive Greater Bay Area innovation and technology tour, providing participants with unique access and networking opportunities with local entrepreneurs.

An important factor in the success of a technology business is the ability to translate its research into real-world solutions that make a difference. That’s why Hong Kong’s top-tier universities have built a robust R&D ecosystem that produces innovative scientific breakthroughs.

Another important factor is the city’s openness to foreign talent. According to the 2021 InvestHK Start-up Survey, around 28% of Hong Kong’s start-ups were founded by non-locals.

A strong local academic and research base, together with a welcoming environment, has made Hong Kong a renowned centre for biotech research and development. In particular, HKUST has built a world-class research infrastructure for frontier science.