Brazilian waxing is one of the most popular options for hair removal. It can easily be done by getting waxing at home servicesWaxing usually leaves the skin to be smooth and hair free as well. It comes with numerous benefits which is why a ton of different people opt for waxing. The hair growth is slower, there are no ingrown hairs, and it is easy, efficient, and also smooth. However, there are multiple sessions of waxing one has to go through to obtain the right look and soothing skin. Hence, if you want to top tips on how you can have smooth skin between your waxing sessions, then keep on reading.

  • Exfoliation 


Exfoliation is highly important in ensuring that there is no ingrown hair as well as smooth skin. Brazilian waxing sessions can have a great force and to ensure that your skin is smooth, you will need to exfoliate. This process helps to remove dead skin cells. Hence, to do this, you can use an exfoliating scrub that you can get or a small brush as well to exfoliate in those areas. You should do this about 2 or 3 times a week. Hence, it will reduce the build-up of dead skin cells, help you have a healthier appearance, and also prevent ingrown hair which is a common problem.

  • Moisturizing 


Moisturizing is equally as important. It is important to keep that area hydrated so that there is no dryness and irritation. The skin in the bikini area is sensitive so you will have to take time in ensuring that the areas are moisturized properly. You should use the right moisturizer by looking at your skin type. For sensitive and dry skin, there are different kinds of products that you can use. You can apply your moisturizer daily, especially after taking a bath to ensure the moisture is locked inside. You should also apply the moisturizer after waxing, not before. Apply moisturizer before waxing will not help the wax to stick and remove all the hair at once.

  • No Tight Clothing 


Waxing can be a rough process because it is pulling out the hair from the root. Hence, to ensure there are fewer risks of irritation, you should avoid wearing clothes that are right. Wearing tight clothing will lead to increased friction and this will cause immense redness, discomfort as well as ingrown hair. Therefore, make sure that you are wearing clothes that are loose fitting and the material is breathable. The clothes should not touch the skin that so that there is no excess rubbing. You can wear fabrics such as cotton as this is gentle on the skin and does not cause any kind of irritation.

  • Stay Away From Showering


After waxing, make sure that you stay away from taking showers right after the sessions. Hot water can easily dehydrate the skin and also cancel the natural oils present on the skin. Hence, you should avoid taking hot showers 1 or 2 days after the waxing session. However, if you want to ease the skin then you can take lukewarm water and cleanse the bikini area. This will help to maintain the natural oils on the skin, it will not dry the skin, and maintain the hydration levels as well. This will also bring comfort to the skin and it will be relaxing too.

  • Stay Away From The Sun 


No one would want a sunburn right after waxing. Right after your sessions, ensure that you do not expose your waxed areas to the sun. This will increase the sensitivity quickly and eventually lead to sunburn. Hence, it is a must that you protect your freshly waxed bikini area using sunscreen. There are harmful UV rays that come from the sun which is highly responsible for ruining skin. Hence, make sure you have a good sunscreen on with high SPF. Also, make sure that you are not under the sun for a long amount of time as this can cause discomfort and ruin the healing process as well.

  • Do Not Pick Or Scratch 


Sometimes after waxing your bikini area, it can cause itchiness. It is a common side effect after waxing. However, attempting to itch or pick on your bikini area can lead to serious irritation, redness, as well as make the whole process a nightmare. It is one way of getting an infection too. You should always resist the urge to itch and scratch on your bikini areas as it can also cause ingrown hair. To ease down the urge, you can always apply aloe vera or chamomile. This will help you have no itching sensation and you will be at ease.

  • Lay Down And Relax 


After waxing sessions, you should not move around a lot. Moving around or doing activities will cause friction in your bikini area and this will cause redness and irritation too. Sweat is also one reason which can ruin the process of skin healing. Therefore, after you get your bikini area waxed, ensure that you are laying down or doing minimal activity for some days so that there is no friction.

  • Use Ingrown Hair Treatment 


After going through a couple of sessions of waxing your bikini area, if you notice to have natural ingrown hair then you can always get a specialized treatment for it. You can visit any doctor or consult your waxing practitioner about it to help ease your worry and the process of waxing.




There are all different ways how you can reduce the chances of ingrown hair, redness, and irritation as well as others by following some simple rules. Ensure that you are keeping your skin hydrated at all times and following your hygienic routine to have safe and ideal skin after waxing. All of the above methods should be practiced by looking at your skin. If you have any other signs such as dots or extreme discomfort then you can always see a doctor to consult them.