Choosing the right hair color can be tricky. You want a shade that flatters your skin tone, brings out your best features, and makes you feel confident. That’s why Bremod Hair Color has created a color guide to help you find the perfect shades for your skin. Whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin, Bremod has gorgeous colors that will make you glow.

Best Colors for Fair Skin  

If you have porcelain or ivory skin with pink or neutral undertones, cool-toned shades of blonde, brown, red, and burgundy beautifully complement your fair complexion. Stay away from warm golden tones, making pale skin look sallow.

Gorgeous options for fair skin include:

  1. Lush Light Blonde – a creamy beige blonde with cool undertones. This nearly platinum blonde brightens fair skin.  
  2. Foggy Neutral Brown – a soft, misty brunette shade with ashy undertones to flatter fair skin while subtly darkening your look.
  3. Velvet Burgundy – a rich burgundy hue with just a touch of brown to prevent this vivid red from looking too harsh on porcelain skin. The cool undertones in this deep red add striking dimension. 
  4. Strawberry Blonde – fair skin truly glows with this peaches and cream blonde shade with a hint of rosy red and cool undertones. 

Best Colors for Medium Skin

Those with medium or olive skin tones should choose shades with neutral or warm golden undertones. While fair skin looks best in cool shades, warm shades make medium skin radiant. Play up your golden skin with honey, gold, and caramel-colored hues.  

Perfect choices include:

  • Golden Blonde – buttery golden blonde hair color warms up medium-toned skin while adding sun-kissed dimension. This bright shade complements green and brown eyes.  
  • Creamy Beige Brown – A rich neutral brown with creamy beige undertones flatters olive and medium tan skin. It’s a beautiful neutral that isn’t too light or dark.
  • Maple Auburn – an autumnal reddish brown hue with warm maple syrup tones. This Bremod hair color adds warmth and dimension without being too bold on medium skin.
  • Sparkling Caramel – luscious caramel tones with a hint of radiant copper make olive skin glow while adding multi-tonal warmth. It’s one of the most flattering colors for medium skin.

Best Colors for Dark Skin

The best hair color for darker skin with warm undertones includes amber, gold, honey, and caramel tones that complement your complexion. Stay away from ash and platinum shades, which can look harsh. Rich chocolate browns, deep burgundies, and warm light browns also make dark skin glow.  

Our fave shades include:   

  1. Honey Blonde – a sparkling dark blonde for dark skin with gorgeous warm golden honey tones. This bright blonde flatters medium to tan skin with yellow undertones.   
  2. Amber Brown – a vibrant medium brown with rich amber undertones. This cozy Bremod hair color adds light and dimension to dark skin while deeply enriching your complexion with flattering warmth.
  3. Chocolate Truffle – one of our most luxurious rich brown shades. This delicious mid-dark brown has a subtle touch of burgundy and extra warm red undertones. It’s decadent with dark, warm-toned skin.  
  4. Caramel Ribbon – a luminous light brown Bremod hair color woven with pretty caramel highlights. This ultra-modern shade adds a modern dimension to dark complexions with golden undertones.

Get Your Perfect Shade  

No matter your unique skin tone, Bremod offers classic to cutting-edge shades designed to complement and enhance your complexion. Browse Bremod hair color selections to find your shade match today. With our easy-to-use color guide’s recommendations for fair, medium, and dark skin, you’re set to find a fantastic hair color that makes you look and feel amazing.

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