For those students passionate about learning more about the functioning of the human eye and the ways to cure disorders and diseases related to it, BSC Optometry is the perfect course to study. Students learn how to diagnose and treat eye conditions, as well as how to prescribe corrective lenses and other treatments to improve vision.

During the course students learn about:

  • The anatomy of the eye, how it functions, and the various conditions that can affect it.
  • They also study the physics of light and how it interacts with the eye, which helps them understand how to prescribe and fit glasses and contact lenses.

What is Bsc Optometry?

BSc Optometry is a four-year undergraduate degree program that prepares students to become optometrists, who are healthcare professionals that specialize in eye care. After completing the degree, graduates can pursue further studies or start their careers as optometrists in hospitals, clinics, or private practice.

Overall, BSc Optometry is a program that provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose and treat eye conditions and improve the vision of their patients.

BSc optometry at SGT University is a great choice as the university has the specialized infrastructure, expert faculty, and support of SGT Hospital to help the students make the best of their stay here. It is undoubtedly one of the best private universities in Delhi and Gurgaon.

BSc Optometry Course Details

The BSC Optometry syllabus at SGT University is prepared such that students have the knowledge and skills needed to do a good job when they start working. The course includes both theory and practical modules to help students learn. In the practical lab modules, students get hands-on experience and learn in-depth about important topics.

Some of the core subjects that students learn about during the BSc Optometry course include:

  • Clinical Examination of Visual System
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Computing And Computer Applications
  • General Anatomy And General Physiology
  • Glaucoma
  • Nutrition
  • Ocular Diseases
  • Optometric Optics
  • Physical And Geometrical Optics
  • Principles Of Lighting

Learn more about BSC Optometry Syllabus at SGT University.

Scope of Bsc Optometry in India

The scope of BSc optometry in India is immense and will grow in the future. Eye care is an important aspect of medical care, and the need for a trained optometrist is essential in both India and abroad. The following are some of the jobs that a bsc optometry student can do after graduation:

  • Examiner
  • LASIK assistant
  • Ocular prosthetics specialist
  • Ophthalmic Assistant
  • Optician
  • Optometry Researcher
  • Orthoptics specialist
  • Pediatric optometrist
  • Professor
  • Sports Vision Consultant

BSc Optometry Eligibility

To be eligible for BSc Optometry at SGT University, the candidate must have passed their 10+2 examination with a minimum of 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Mathematics taken together. Additionally, English must have been one of the subjects studied in 10+2.

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There is also a provision for lateral entry into BSc Optometry for candidates who have completed a two-year Diploma in Optometry after the 12th standard. This means that students who have already completed a Diploma in Optometry can directly enter the second year of the BSc Optometry program.

BSc Optometry Fees

The fee structure for the BSc Optometry program at SGT University is as follows:

  • For the first semester, the fee is INR 62,500.
  • From the second semester onwards, the fee is INR 50,000 per semester.

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