We continue with our series of articles on how to create a business plan. And in today’s article, we’ll look at how to create a business plan for a hair salon.

Before we get into the meat of the article, we’ll answer a question that has undoubtedly been on your mind since you first considered opening a hairdressing salon.

Why open a hair salon?

Personal care businesses are thriving, demonstrating the proliferation of city franchises for both men and women.

Because it is a highly demanded service with numerous ways of differentiation, preparing a good business plan increases your chances of successfully establishing yourself in the market.

According to INE statistics, there is one hairdresser for every 900 people. As a result of being a regular consumption service, this indicates that profitability is achieved with a small number of loyal customers.

Furthermore, there are no entry barriers because no large investment or high qualification is required to start the business. However, as we will see later, there are ways to diversify a hairdresser’s income that will necessitate a larger investment and qualification.

A hair salon business plan

In the following sections, we will look at the various sections that your hairdresser’s business plan should include. Then, providing helpful advice to help snmpanel you understand the requirements of your project.

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Market investigation

First and foremost, you must conduct market research. Analyzing your environment to identify opportunities and threats.

Do not be alarmed if you discover numerous threats to your project. Every entrepreneur has had to deal with them. And what distinguishes winners from losers is how well they avoid threats or turn them into opportunities.

For example, the location of the premises where you open your hairdresser will be critical, as proximity is one of the most important decision factors for customers in this industry.

You can consider it a threat to locate a location near a well-known hairdresser. However, it is possible that it is only focused on one type of public – users with classic tastes – and that there is a lack of a service focused on a more modern public in the area.

This leads us to the following point: determining your target audience. You must identify the type of public in the area where your business is located and tailor your service accordingly (or vice versa). Using census data from your city will help you understand the demographic profile of each neighborhood in your city.

Finally, once you’ve identified your target audience and the environment where you’ve discovered more opportunities in the market, look into your competition. For example, analyzing the level of service you provide, differentiating features of your business, pricing, and so on.

Internal examination

Internal analysis must identify the characteristics that set you apart from the competition. For example, in a service as personal as hairdressing, it will be related to your hairdressing experience, organizational capacity to manage the business, client portfolio, quality of service, customer service, or an innovative business model that deviates from market standards.


The service you provide to your customers will be the lifeblood of your company. And you must ensure that it is tailored to their preferences and needs to the greatest extent possible.

You are not required to perform the service that you have planned. However, you must first identify what is available in the market and the target audience you are addressing, and then offer a service that differentiates itself from your competitors in its quality-price range.

You must identify market differentiators and develop a brand positioning strategy. So that the client understands the unique value you will provide him that he will not be able to find from other nearby competitors.

At this point, you must define the range of services you offer, the quality of the products you use, and the level of service you provide to your customers.

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Depending on your fee, you will need to adjust the amount of time you devote to each client. However, you must take care of the treatment provided because it is critical in a service as close as a hairdresser.

You should also try to diversify your income sources. You can, for example, provide many complimentary services in addition to the haircut and sell beauty products to your clients. Among them are:

Management and operations

The following step will be to define the critical operations that will intervene in the activity’s development. In addition to the day-to-day management responsibilities.

Dealing with suppliers, scheduling appointments to cover employees’ working hours, training on new techniques or treatments, controlling expenses and income, and much more will be among them.

Marketing Strategy

The actions you will take to make your hairdressing salon known in the market must be included in your business plan. To get new clients, you must allocate some of your marketing budget.

Some of the actions you can take include having a website, being present on social networks, holding contests, investing in online advertising campaigns, web positioning, or traditional advertising.

But don’t make the mistake of ceasing to invest when your schedule becomes too full. Instead, continue to invest because it will increase the value of your brand, allow you to maintain the volume of work, and allow you to grow.