The software marketplace offers its customers a plethora of options when it comes to the latest applications and custom software solutions to aid businesses in their processes. From off-the-shelf software which is developed for the masses to custom software application development services, the top offshore software developments companies goes out of its way to provide innovative solutions to ease mundane tasks and improve the overall productivity of companies.

Custom software development or bespoke software making company refers to designing and developing applications specifically for one client, or a group of users with similar requirements. Unlike commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), custom or bespoke software does not cater to a broad category of customers. It is marketed and distributed privately and is customized to suit the individual needs of users.

While custom software developed applications surely offers many advantages to users, it has some misconceptions that are often considered to be drawbacks, due to which customers refrain from investing in it. There are questions like – Why is custom software developed? Customized erp application software often asked by the users.

We are here to put the popular custom software application development services pros and cons and myths to bed and your doubts at ease.

Myth 1: Custom software is exorbitantly expensive

The first and most popular myth revolving around custom software development services is that it is extremely expensive. While it is true that custom software can at times be more costly as compared to off-the-shelf software, it is also understandable since each solution requires customization according to the individual demands of the customer.

There are several reasons for its high price tag, from the choice of the best software development company, functions and features demanded, to the tech solutions provided during the custom software development process. These may include cloud-based applications, following agile methodology, or choosing a front-end framework for the software. Additionally, custom software development cost, consulting and process are known to be slightly on the higher side.

While investing in custom software for the first time, you might consider going for something cheaper, but trust us when we say this- Don’t do this if your requirements are not common, and you need scalability, personalization, and so much more from your application. You should know the custom software development pros and cons before investing in custom software development.

Myth 2: Custom software is unscalable 

Custom software is believed to be highly flexible and comes with the option of upgrades and new additions at the new point of usage. While this is often its unique selling point, it does have a condition attached to it. Custom software can only be upgraded or changed if there is space/ bandwidth left in the application to sustain it. The term “Scalability” is often used to describe the ability of a custom application to take new additions and its capacity to sustain new features without crashing.

Scalability is very important while investing in custom software. There are many custom software development companies in usa that are specialized in custom software creation. The drastic rise in companies offering tailor services to customer can be understood as rise in adoption of custom development method.

Myth 3: Only cloud-Based software is customizable 

There are three main options available for you when it comes to investing in custom software- Cloud-Based software, On-Premise software, and Customized Web Software Application Development.

Cloud-Based software refers to software that is hosted online, or on the cloud while On-Premise software is delivered and installed on the client’s in-house server or infrastructure. Custom Web Application development is a popular way of deploying web-based apps using a web server like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

It is often believed that out of these two, the cloud-based custom software development can be personalized according to the client’s requirements if it is scalable. While it is true that it is easier and cheaper to make customizations to on-cloud applications, on-premise software, and customized web applications are just as capable of managing updates and changes, as and when required according to the scalability of the application.

Myth 4: Custom Software Development is time-consuming 

Since dedicated software development center is usually developed a custom software for individual clients and not for the masses, it may not guarantee next-day delivery. However, contrary to another one of the popular custom software development myths, many custom software development companies promise a reasonable turnaround time for implementing custom software in your workspace.

Creating personalized applications is a detail-oriented process, and thus requires more attention and patience from the customer’s as well as the developer’s side.

Myth 5: Being tech-savvy is important to use custom software

Many users shy away from investing in custom software for their business because their employees are not at level with the latest technology trends, or are not trained to use custom software.

Understanding this, developers target creating highly user-friendly applications, complete with tutorials, and a simple user interface for customer convenience and ease of use.

Most custom software development companies also provide post-implementation support, training sessions for employees, and in-house consultants to guide your team in completely optimizing the custom software.

Final Thoughts 

Custom software solutions is an essential part of the IT industry and is a popular choice among many global users due to its unique and innovative features, freedom of upgrading, and commendable overall performance. They are one of the most renowned custom software application development agency.

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