The Calacatta Royal quartz surface from Fugen is made for vibrant, lively kitchens. Regardless of whether the surface is glossy or smooth, it will highlight every feature in the area and best complement your expansive living space! Sharp elements also stand out against this background attractively, and open space becomes more vivid on these surfaces as well as colours exploding out from furniture like no other before them (helping you avoid accidently touching anything while cooking).

Just Quartz A surface material known for its outstanding strength and durability, Calacatta Royal quartz worktops Made to Measure is inherently lovely, long-lasting, and hygienic. Its extraordinary strength and toughness, which are based on the natural quartz core, make it impact-resistant and challenging to scratch, chip, break, or dull. This toughness means that with regular maintenance, it will keep its incredibly smooth, shiny appearance for many years. Quartz responds best when handled carefully, like other good materials. It feels quite chilly and firm to the touch. Quartz is completely hygienic and simple to clean because it is non-porous and stain resistant.