Your travel experience enhances when you fly on your favorite seats. As Qatar Airways understands this, you have the ability to select seats of your choice when traveling with it. By choosing your favorite seat onboard you add extra comfort and more convenience to your journey.

So, let’s go through the piece of writing that follows and see how you can select your most preferred seats on Qatar Airways flights.

What is Qatar Airways Seat Selection Policy?

The airline knows how important it is to travel on seats of your choice. That’s why you have the facility to pick your most preferred seats on Qatar Airways.

For your reference, here are the major points of Qatar Airways seat selection policy.

  • While traveling on a domestic flight of Qatar Airways, you can pick seats within 24 hours of the boarding time.
  • International travelers can choose their seat before 48 departure times.
  • To choose seats after you have made the booking, visit the Qatar Airways counter. Fill in the form provided and pick your seat.
  • Qatar Airways also provides special seats for the physically disabled travelers. However, such passengers must show their respective medical certificate to the airline’s officials.
  • After the flight’s take-off or getting a boarding pass, you can’t change your seat.
  • For passengers who missed their seat selection, Qatar Airways assigns them seats.

Can I Select Qatar Airways Seats for Free?

Usually, you can get freeStandard Seat Selection on most of the ticket types. From the time you have made reservations on your flight’s Economy (Comfort) or Economy (Convenience), pick your standard seat for free.

Free seat selection is also available for those who purchase flights with their miles. However, you have to pay fees for extra legroom of preferred seat selection.

Does Qatar Charge for Seat Selection?

Economy seats are free to choose if passengers want a seat of business class, premium class, the cabin in front of the flight, etc. Pay the charges for extras such as legroom,and window seats.

Call Qatar airways España teléfono – 900807681 to know more about seat selection and charges incurred as/if required.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, when you travel, seat selection is important. When you get seats of your choice and sit with your travel companion, the travel delight manifolds.

Choose from various types of seats such as economy class, business class, and premium class as per your comfort and convenience.