The answer to that is a ‘yes’.

It really does not matter what educational background you have. It is also not important to have a CS degree. All that is required here is the skillset and the will to learn.

If you have more or less of a logical mind (you don’t need to play chess or trick-taking card games for that), then the coding is for you. If you love spending time-solving problems and thinking in the ‘out-of-the-box’ way, then coding or programming will definitely interest you.

But what if you do not have these qualities? Will you say ‘no’ to coding?

Well, there is no such need for that. Anyone can learn to code. Anyone can be an expert in this field.

We want to take you back to the 2nd paragraph again. Just have the intention to learn. You can be a terrific coder! And that can get you a job even if you are unemployed at the moment.

  • Why Is a Job as a Software Developer Important?

Statistics show that the UK has a promising job market for rising software developers. These skilled professionals are working in almost every sector.

The reason for that is we need an app for everything in life, from groceries to medicine to entertainment to employment (and many others). Thus, we need a bunch of coders for each of these sectors.

You can be one of them if you try.

The statistics state that the general or starting pay for a software developer is 64% higher than the traditional national payment of the UK. It ranges from £25,000 to £137,000 on an approximate estimate. Added to that, the year 2021 has brought quite a satisfying update on this. This year, we have seen a number of 10,000 vacancies in the country. In 2020, the number was 5,630.

Now, these statistics may also promise the growth of the sector in the coming years. All you can do is make sure you are ready to upgrade yourself as a software developer.

The need for decision-making software is very useful these days. You get automated web apps or AI-powered tools that can decide without a human being operating them. Machine learning is also a very important part of the tech world. This ‘evolution of software’ has become very fruitful for most industries, including healthcare; food; education; marketing etc.

This is why you can choose to be a coder, as you can operate on software of these categories.

Web development is one of the most dominant sectors of software development these days. Most sectors are now targeting web-based applications to connect with people. This phenomenon happened more because of mobile reality.

But if you are not a fan of web development, you still have got other things to do. You can definitely be a part of the huge gaming industry. Hundreds and thousands of developers work in this field. The work as a game developer is fun to conduct and very interesting.

Even in 2023, offline applications are making it to the front stage. From offline games to health trackers to productivity apps and many more, sectors need a good deal of programming prowess to make offline applications for diverse usage.

Or else you can just make your authorised application and establish your business with it. It needs some preparation. However, you can surely do something great out of it.

Being a part of this workforce as a programmer is certainly a thing worth experiencing.

  • Will I Get a Job If I Belong to a Non-Technical Workforce and am Unemployed?

Again, the answer is a ‘yes’.

There are many references to people who obtained jobs in this way. If you read books of self-taught programmers, you will soon learn that they have a linear path of improvement. These self-taught programmers are sitting at positions (and they actually own them) in software companies, and, to be honest. They are pretty good at their jobs.

And this is where you might get an additional advantage, too, if you are a skilled programmer…even if you are self-taught.

It does not matter if you have a CS degree or an engineering certificate. Employers these days are flexible, and all they want is practical skills. Social science or English major may code better than a CS student. No offence to anyone. The job will go to the former.

Now the question comes if you are unemployed and you want a job as a programmer.

Unemployed people can easily get a programmer job if they already belong to this industry. They can learn programming or basic coding and start their journey professionally if they haven’t.

There are many platforms to learn to code easily. Platforms like Udacity, Codecademy, Udemy and even Google have certificate courses to help you out.

Added to that, you may need to create your blogs. If possible, make a website of yours to let people know what you do.

Gather some money from your savings or speak to a direct lender organisation to take out a loan for unemployed people to get started with your coding education now.

  • How to Get a Job as a Beginner Coder Who Is Unemployed and Self-Taught?

Here are some interesting ways for you given below:

  • Choose a course first. Learn the coding language that’s popular and in demand. But make sure it is also easy to learn. Languages like Python, Java; JavaScript; HTML; Kotlin; Swift can make you get jobs easily.
  • Learning full-stack development may also increase the chances of getting a job as a coder.
  • Work at smaller companies or start-ups if you are from a non-technical background or are self-taught. They may help you not only get a job but also provide you with a platform which you can use comfortably for professional growth.
  • Keep on learning and improving your knowledge. Join programming internships for that.
  • Start freelancing or remote working. A part-time coding job will also help you in the same way. Log in and create a profile with relevant information in apps like LinkedIn or Craiglist to gain coding positions.
  • Find jobs the offline way by speaking with friends, family or other people you know.
  • Work with local businesses and strengthen their software development projects with your expertise.
  • Build a website and blog if you can afford it. This factor will create a solid portfolio of yours. It will also help you get a job faster.

Going step-by-step is key. The conclusion to this post will share a little information about this with you in very few words.

  • To Conclude

Just learn to stay organised to prepare for a job and find more employment options as a coder in this competitive world.

The first step in doing that is to find out what you need and what you can manage. Don’t sign up for the thing that you can’t take responsibility for in the coming future.

So, ask yourself which programming language you want to learn. Should you learn just one language or many? Which industry do you want to work in?

These questions are important because you have to stay consistent at your work. Doing so will reap real financial benefits for you.

Coding is always fun. Now, it is time for you to make money out of it. And remember, it is not about logical thinking or problem-solving.

The truth is anyone can code…you too.