Paid search also known as paid advertising within the search engines is a method you can take to sell products from off your website. It works by you creating an ad promoting your product and letting the search engines show your ad when your keywords are searched. The paid advertising is shown within the sponsored links on the search result page.

It is a good route to take if your website is new to the internet and you want to be shown more quickly within the search engines, it just means you are paying for your advertising which isn’t always necessary. You only have to pay for your add when someone actually clicks on it but it does mean that you will sometimes get people clicking on your ad then clicking the back button because it wasn’t what they were looking for, but you still have to pay for their click.

The amount you pay per click (PPC) depends on your daily budget and your PPC budget as you decide on how much you want to pay, this is great as you are then in control of how much you actually pay per day and once you reach that limit your site will not be shown. What you do need to bear in mind though is that how highly ranked you are for each keyword will depend on your budget in most instances as the more you pat per click the higher ranked you will be. However within Google’s paid advertising they also take into account of how popular your website is and how relevant it is, in which case the more relevant the website the less you will have to pay per click.

The most popular paid advertising is Google AdWords but the competition is very high so you find that the amount per click is quite expensive. It’s a good idea to check out other search engines as well, because even though they may not be as popular you may have more chance of getting a high rank, meaning you may have more clicks anyway.

Do your research on your keywords as some may be too competitive so your ad would never get shown or you have to pay a ridiculous amount per click! Go for keywords that have quite a high search volume but low competition, you can use the Google keyword tool for this as it’s free. Once you have gained relevance and Google have lowered your PPC you can try for some of the more competitive keywords as you will probably have more chance of ranking for it then.

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