Nainital, nestled in the Kumaon foothills, is renowned for its mesmerizing lakes and panoramic landscapes. For travelers seeking an immersive experience surrounded by the tranquility of water bodies, hotels with lakeside views in Nainital offer an unparalleled escape. In this article, we’ll explore some of the accommodations that provide not just a stay but a Best Hotels in Mussoorie the natural beauty of Naini Lake.

Lakeside Serenity: Choosing the Perfect Stay

1. The Naini Retreat

Nestled on the banks of Naini Lake, The Naini Retreat stands out as an epitome of lakeside luxury. This heritage property offers rooms and suites with private balconies that open up to breathtaking views of the shimmering lake. The serene ambiance combined with modern amenities ensures a tranquil stay.

2. Shervani Hilltop

Surrounded by lush greenery, Shervani Hilltop offers a serene lakeside retreat. The hotel’s vantage points provide panoramic views of Naini Lake. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at the on-site restaurant or relaxing in your room, the enchanting lake views are a constant companion.

Immersive Experiences: Lakeside Accommodations

3. The Manu Maharani

Situated on the Mall Road, The Manu Maharani offers a perfect blend of convenience and lakeside charm. The hotel’s lake-facing rooms provide guests with a front-row seat to the changing hues of Naini Lake. The tranquil atmosphere adds a touch of magic to the overall experience.

4. The Pavilion

Known for its boutique charm, The Pavilion is strategically located to offer stunning views of Naini Lake. The lakeside rooms and balconies provide an intimate setting to soak in the beauty of Nainital. Watching the sunrise or sunset over the lake becomes a daily ritual for guests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Are lakeside view rooms more expensive?

A: Lakeside view rooms are often considered premium, and their pricing may vary based on factors such as the hotel’s location, room category, and peak seasons. It’s advisable to check with the specific hotel for pricing details.

Q2: Can I book a lakeside view room for a specific date?

A: Yes, many hotels allow guests to specify room preferences, including lakeside views, during the booking process. However, availability is subject to the hotel’s reservations, so it’s recommended to book in advance.

Q3: Do these hotels provide outdoor seating with lake views?

A: Yes, several hotels with lakeside views, such as The Naini Retreat and Shervani Hilltop, offer outdoor seating areas where guests can enjoy meals or simply relax while taking in the scenic beauty of Naini Lake.

Q4: Are lakeside view rooms suitable for families?

A: Yes, many hotels with lakeside views offer family-friendly accommodations. It’s recommended to check with the specific hotel for details on family suites or interconnected rooms.

Q5: Can I access the lakeshore directly from these hotels?

A: While some hotels may have Uttrakhand Tour Packages lakeshore, it’s not a universal feature. Guests can enjoy the lakeside views from the hotel premises, and some may provide pathways or private areas near the lake for a closer experience.


Hotels in Nainital known for their lakeside views not only offer a place to stay but also promise an immersive journey into the natural beauty that defines this charming hill station. Whether it’s waking up to the gentle ripples of Naini Lake or savoring a sunset over its serene waters, these accommodations elevate the Nainital experience. Choosing a hotel with lakeside views ensures that every moment of your stay is accompanied by the soothing presence of water, creating memories that linger long after you leave the enchanting shores of Nainital.