Caribbean Yacht Charters & Sailing Holidays

Book Caribbean Yacht Charter online! Are you contemplating why should you go with it? Is it the best way to explore Caribbean islands? Yes, Yacht chartering is the most convenient way to explore the sights and sounds of exotic locations. A luxurious yacht is a usually larger & spacious vessel that enables you and your group to spend some quality time on the water. Book it today!


There are several reasons to hire our Caribbean yacht charters crewed.

You Choose What You Want- No matter if you are with your family or friends, we have got you covered. Our affordable yacht charter Caribbean can accommodate your group size and your schedule as needed. Everything will be arranged by our expert crew members exclusively for you. The best part is you can go where you want and your yacht charter vacation at your own pace.

Your Professional Chef- Whatever your taste is or whether you like meat or love seafood or some delicious cuisine full of flavours, you will be offered the same. Our expert chefs can bring a fresh lobster dinner or something tasty tailored to your needs and wishes. They will take care of your cooking and cleaning throughout your trip. And your captain will handle the crewed yacht charter. Moreover, your entire trip will be adventurous and stress-free.

Island Hopping- This is an amazing experience to get. All you need to choose the best spot based on the weather and the time of year for island hop. Also, you can choose the destination randomly.

Expert Crew- Your professional crew will take care of your sailing. They are so familiar with the BVI so they can suggest the best places to explore and island hopping. Let our team know your exact requirements and choices. They will handle your details and ensure the safety of everyone on board. You just sit back and enjoy. For more information, you can call us at (561)459-5316 , [email protected]