While there are plenty of different flooring options, choosing the perfect flooring for your home is probably one of the difficult tasks to undertake. Flooring will make the most significant impact in your home interior décor. It may act as a basis for all of your other interior choices like choosing your furniture colour and texture.

To go with the trend and unmatchable benefits, your timber flooring suppliers will offer a wide range of options in colour, finish, quality, design, and price to help you make the perfect choice. It enhances the beauty of nature in your home and is inexpensive, stable, and long-lasting. Underfoot, things could feel warmer and softer.

With the advance technology, the popularity of timber flooring has risen rapidly to provide value for your money and eye-catching interiors. It provides attractive interior and long-lasting flooring solution for your budget than tile, carpet, or vinyl floorings. It adds value to your property.

What Are the Different Types of Timber Flooring?

You must know the different types of timber flooring available with your timber flooring suppliers. Here are different types explained for you to choose the best that suits your home.

  1. Solid timber flooring – It is drawn from solid hardwood planks and mostly sanded and coated on site.
  2. Engineered timber flooring – It consists of a layer of hardwood timber veneer fixed over a supporting plywood with an adhesive.
  3. Laminate flooring – It is made from multiple layers of wood pressed together with a printed image of timber to mimic a real timber-like look.
  4. Bamboo flooring – It is made from the shredding of bamboo glued together.
  5. Parquet flooring – It is made up of small pieces of solid timber.

Based on type of hardwood, flooring can be classified as black-butt, brush-box, and oak flooring. Although black-butt flooring is not very resilient, it may survive wear and tear over a long time. Brush-box flooring is usually termite-resistant and reddish-toned flooring type. Oak flooring is light, durable, and extremely versatile.

What Are the Tips for Choosing The Perfect Timber Flooring?

There is no denying that wood flooring improves your home’s aesthetic appeal, but for the best results, you must choose the proper sort of wood flooring for your residence. Here are few tips to remember while choosing your flooring from any timber flooring suppliers.

Choose Among Solid or Engineered Flooring

Solid timber floorings are costlier and have limited varieties in colour, texture, and design. They are less stable and not-so-easy to install. Engineered flooring is easier to install and has wide range of options to choose from. It is cheap, durable, and highly stable.

Determine Your Budget

High-quality timber floorings are available at all prices with almost all the timber flooring suppliers. You need to set your budget to narrow down your choices and plan your project without hampering your daily expenses.

Match Your Room and The Type of Subflooring

Timber Flooring Suppliers
Timber Flooring Suppliers

Your timber flooring must be compatible with the type of your subfloor material to increase its durability and strength. In order to give your interior a creative appearance, your timber flooring pattern, colour, and design must complement your room furnishings and accessories.

Consider Your Climatic Conditions

Your choice of timber flooring mainly depends upon the climatic conditions of your area to maintain the flooring strength and durability. Solid timber or engineered timber flooring will lose its property in highly humid regions. Hence, you need laminate timber flooring as it is more resistant to humidity and moisture.

Match Your Lifestyle and Flooring Functionality

Your flooring must match your lifestyle to maintain its gloss and durability. Check with the timber flooring suppliers to know the grade of your flooring wood that would be compatible for the type of functionality your floor will be used for. For instance, bamboo flooring is strong and robust enough to survive scratches and falls from your children and dogs. Yet the finest option for soft and pleasant flooring is wood.

Choose the Right Supplier

Before picking one of the timber flooring suppliers, you must ensure their range of products, reputation, service ratings, after sale service and warranty policies. This will assist you in getting the best hardwood flooring and expert installation services.


It is important that you choose one of the best suppliers in the city. This way you can be sure that the wooden flooring you installed is long-lasting and requires less maintenance. Also, look for their after-sale services before zeroing on the supplier.