CAT is of the most reputable heavy-duty construction equipment in India. This is due to several reasons. To begin with, this brand operates with a notion of durability and reliability. For instance, its machines can withstand tough working conditions. Moreover, CAT as a brand is quite versatile. To illustrate, the machines can perform a variety of tasks, including digging, trenching, loading, and material handling. In fact, this company has an excellent service and support module.

Featuring The 2 Best Backhoe Loaders from CAT

CAT 424 B

CAT 424B is one of the most famous backhoe loaders in India. Subsequently, the model rose to popularity because of several reasons. To illustrate, this machine comes with an operating weight of around 8000 Kg. Additionally, the digging depth capacity of this model is up to 2000mm. Hence, both these features significantly help in maximising output while increasing work efficiency. Moreover, this backhoe loader has around 3451 Kg of lifting capacity. Such a great height limit is a boon for the construction industry, especially for large-scale projects.

Furthermore, CAT 424 B comes with a bucket capacity of 3 Cum. Moreover, the machine has a high-performing engine with an engine oil capacity of up to 12.0L. Overall, it has a justified price range starting from Rs. 44 – 46 Lakh.

CAT 424

This CAT 424 is a backhoe loader designed for versatility and performance in a variety of applications. The machine features a powerful lifting capacity of 3540 Kg. Additionally, this backhoe loader can reach up to a full height of 2735mm. Both these features ensure a massive increase in work efficiency. Moreover, the operating weight of this machine is around 8760 Kg. This massive capacity subsequently improves work output for cab operators. Furthermore, it has a backhoe bucket capacity of 2Cum. Apart from these features, this model comes with a transport length of 5,708 mm.

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