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Why brands prefer WebMaxy eGrowth over CleverTap?

WebMaxy eGrowth is an advanced customer data platform that offers features to help you conduct marketing effectively. It is one of the top CleverTap alternatives that help brands automate marketing channels to reach customers at the right time based on their actions. Personalize your marketing and set up your business for success. We’ve helped over 100+ eCommerce brands enhance their customer experience and increase engagement.

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WebMaxy eGrowth: The go-to choice for growing brands

CleverTap is a customer engagement platform that comes with analytics, segmentation, and engagement tools. You can track how customers interact with your products. It can help to build valuable and long-term customer relationships. 

WebMaxy eGrowth is a customer engagement platform that helps you engage customers through different channels. You can target customers based on their individual preferences and offer tailored experiences. Increase customer loyalty by giving them reward points for their valuable actions.

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Comparing WebMaxy eGrowth and MoEngage

An in-depth MoEngage comparison with WebMaxy eGrowth can help you choose the right platform for your business.

Features WebMaxy eGrowth CleverTap
Customer data platform  Yes Yes
Audience segmentation  Yes Yes
Omnichannel engagement (SMS, Email, & WhatsApp) Yes Yes
Workflow builder Yes Yes
Email automation Yes Yes
Product recommendations  Yes Yes
WhatsApp commerce  Yes Yes
Analytics and insights Yes Yes
Other integrations Yes Yes
Omnichannel support Yes No
Social campaigns  Yes No
Customer loyalty Yes No

Outstanding customer experience begins with WebMaxy eGrowth!

WebMaxy eGrowth is a customer engagement platform that helps you engage customers throughout the buying journey. You can reach, engage, convert, and retain customers easily. Enhance customer experience by reaching out to them with personalized marketing messages. Retain customers by offering them quick and effective customer support on different marketing channels. You can implement a loyalty program and make customers stay with your brand. This CleverTap alternative covers the entire customer journey whereas CleverTap just focuses on engaging customers.

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CleverTap pricing vs WebMaxy eGrowth pricing

CleverTap pricing is based on the number of monthly active users and it is similar to other ClevarTap competitors. CleverTap pricing is higher compared to the features it provides according to CleverTap reviews.


Number of contacts WebMaxy eGrowth CleverTap
Upto 5,000 MAU  $90/month $72/month
Upto 20,000 MAU  $90/month $240.64/month 
Upto 40,000 MAU  $149/month $481.29/month
Upto 60,000 MAU $149/month $721.93/month 
Upto 80,000 MAU $199/month $962.58/month 
Upto 1,00,000 MAU $199/month $1155.09/month 

Robust Features

WebMaxy eGrowth helps you build marketing workflow for your entire customer journey. Pre-define the marketing actions that would take place for different customer activities. Engage customers throughout their buying journey and improve their experience with your brand. Provide good customer support and make customers stay with your brand. WebMaxy eGrowth is among the top CleverTap competitors that provide you with maximum features at an affordable price.

Marketing workflows

Automate SMS, Email, and WhatsApp messages to reach out to customers. Build workflows and engage customers through different marketing channels during their buying journey.

AI-driven marketing insights

Analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns and invest in the right platforms. Know which marketing channels are bringing the highest conversions and revenue.

Social media management

Manage all your social media channels from one dashboard. Plan & schedule your social media calendar beforehand. Track impression and engagement metrics of social media in one place.

Strong customer support

Access customer queries from different channels on one dashboard. Reply to queries quickly and improve customer experience. Automate chat and be available to your customers 24/7.

Customer loyalty program

Set up a customer loyalty program and reward customers for their valuable actions. Make them come back to you for more offers and discounts and drive repeat purchases.

Retargeting ads

Target your existing customers with product recommendations similar to their past purchases. Encourage them to make more purchases and increase your average order value.

WebMaxy eGrowth fosters customer engagement throughout the complete purchase journey.

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CleverTap Alternatives FAQs

Who are CleverTap Competitors?

WebMaxy eGrowth is among the top CleverTap competitors. It not only helps to engage customers but to convert and retain them. You can build workflows and automate your entire marketing to reach customers at the right time. You can provide good customer support by replying to all customer queries through the help desk. Retain customers for a long time by rewarding them with a loyalty program.

Which is better CleverTap or WebEngage?

Both CleverTap and WebEngage are powerful customer engagement platforms. CleverTap comes with better customer segmentation and analytics capabilities. WebEngage is a good platform if you’re looking for journey orchestration capabilities. However, WebMaxy eGrowth is the best platform if you’re looking to optimize marketing for your entire customer journey. It comes with advanced customer segmentation, marketing analytics, workflow builder, help desk, customer loyalty, and so on.

What are the benefits of CleverTap?

CleverTap provides real-time analytics which makes it a good tool for analyzing customer engagement. It has segmentation features that enable you to run specialized marketing campaigns. WebMaxy eGrowth helps you do audience segmentation, build marketing workflows, conduct social campaigns, offer customer support, implement customer loyalty, and much more.