5 Common Misconceptions About Infrared Thermometers

With countless benefits of using the Infrared thermometer, this healthcare product seems to be in high demand during the COVID-19 virus. Along with the benefits, myths are present about the infrared thermometer. This became very crucial for people to get the correct information about the device before buying it online or offline. So, we have come up with an article highlighting some common myths about the infrared thermometer. This will help you avoid the existing misconception and get a clear thought about this health care product.

5 Common Misconceptions About Infrared Thermometers
5 Common Misconceptions About Infrared Thermometers

What is an Infrared Thermometer?

An infrared thermometer is a contactless electronic device used to measure body temperature. Some infrared thermometers can be used to measure the temperature of bodies as well as objects by just switching modes. Currently, these types of thermometers are in trend because of their advantages. One can measure body temperature without bringing the device in contact. The chances of infection and transferable diseases automatically get lower. Whether you are willing to buy an infrared thermometer for your home or clinic, there are plenty of choices available in the market. So, you can choose anyone that suits your needs and preferences.

5 Most Common Misconceptions About Infrared Thermometers

Myth 1: Contactless IR Thermometer can damage the brain

IR Thermometer uses the same kind of waves as the one in the TV remote control. Most people have a myth that these waves can cause blindness and damage the glands in the brain. It’s not true as the device reads the body surface temperature. It is then converted into the internal temperature. These kinds of thermometers read the body temperature from the surface and use a calculation to convert this into your internal temperature.  The laser helps the person using it should know they are aiming it at the right part of the body.

Myth 2: The laser reads the temperature

It is wrong to think that the laser of the IR thermometer reads the temperature. The laser helps the user aim at the right part of the body. It is recommended to be very careful while aiming the device at a particular surface to avoid inference from the surrounding objects. The laser pointer in an infrared thermometer is a guide indicating where you’re pointing at the instrument. When measuring the heat coming from an A/C duct, the laser helps to steady your aim and ensure that you’re close to the area you’re trying to temp.

Myth 3: IR Thermometer identifies the internal temperature

This thermometer reads the objects’ thermal radiation. Therefore, it doesn’t tell you the internal temperature of the tested object. For instance – IR Thermometer is useful for measuring the pan temperature or surface temperature of food. It won’t identify the internal temperature. The probe temperature is used to check if the steak is cooked properly from the inside.

Myth 4: IR Thermometer can measure all the surfaces

Infrared thermometers cannot measure all surfaces equally. The different characters require emissivity value adjustments. The factor measures the efficiency of surface-emitting energy and is measured on a scale of 0 to 1. The device gives more accurate measurements of high-emissivity surfaces. The emissivity of a thermometer measures a material’s ability to emit infrared energy. Substances with very low emissivity ratings like highly-polished metals, tend to be very wistful of ambient infrared energy and less efficacious.

Myth 5: Contactless Forehead Thermometer Detect COVID-19

Another myth about the contactless thermometer is that it detects COVID-19. It helps identify a fever, and symptoms of many ailments including COVID-19 Infrared Thermometer cannot fully detect the disease, but it can identify people currently showing the symptoms of the virus. Well, that’s a misconception that thermometers detect the symptoms of coronavirus.

Conclusion –

So, we hope this article will have cleared up any myths you had about infrared thermometers so that you can begin using yours as simple as possible. We highly recommend buying and using the Infrared Thermometer, if you are looking for an extremely accurate option that does away with the hassle of fixed emissivity together.