If you are one of the soccer fans going high in the crowd for your favourite team, this article is probably meant for you. Soccer seasons do not last long, but these are the few months for which fans like you wait all year long. Australia’s national women’s and men’s soccer teams have their jersey plans all set for the new season, with news flashing out about their new jersey being crafted out of 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Before the season for your favourite game paves in, here is a bit about soccer fashion for all soccer fans.

The brand behind the initiative, which has been the Australian national team soccer jersey partner since 2004, revealed that more than 7.5 billion plastic bottles from landfills had been diverted since 2010 to make the Australia National Team Kit. This is indeed a huge inspiration to action to save the environment. However, even if you cannot afford branded plastic bottle recycled jerseys, you can still be in soccer fashion with just a few simple tricks and dos. 

Cool Tips

Here are some simple and useful tips for syncing with your favourite soccer team and standing out in the crowd cheering as die heart fan of the team. Steal the show by:

  • If you are looking for a particular team soccer jersey, just don’t settle for anything less than a replica. It could be even better to customize your name in the jersey as an extended fan member of the team.
  • Suit your style with a cool soccer cap of the same jersey style. You could even shop for headbands, wrist bands, and theme goggles as per your team jersey colour.
  • You can go for vintage soccer uniforms instead of high-end ones for those who have a restricted budget line.
  • Get your size and fit accordingly, just to make sure you don’t look like a clown in the gear of standing apart from the crowd. 

Custom Styling

Now, combining a few accessories and outfits with your soccer jersey can hold up your fashion sigma higher and bright. Well, nothing out of the blue, but all you need is good jeans. Well, it’s up to your style preference what kind of jeans you choose to wear. But the most important tip is to be comfortable in whatever you wear. Carry your outfit with confidence, and your style stands out right there.

  • It does not matter much what type of pants you choose to wear apart from the fact that you are not picking formal pants with a soccer uniform. Well, just make sure you bring out a cool contrast with your choice. Since soccer outfits are bright and colourful, wearing dark tone cargo pants, sweat pants, or even funky shorts can crack the style statement.
  • Chino pants are known for being comfortable as these are cotton blended, lightweight pants. So, if not jeans, try out a chino with your soccer jersey.
  • It is important to ensure that you don’t try loose pants with a soccer uniform. Baggy-style pants can make your style look draggy.


For the coolest soccer season fashions, you should stick with casual, informative outfits and styling matched with a soccer t-shirt. When it comes to shoes for casual wear, sneakers are most comfortable, stylish, and cool. These shoes help you move comfortably and look sporty and stylish at the same time.

Concluding thoughts

So, if you are a soccer fan, don’t wait anymore. Check out your wardrobe right away and start matching the right outfits and start shopping for cool soccer jerseys to have fun this soccer season.