Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency that was born in 2008, revolutionized global finances, as it enabled users to make peer-to-peer payments without involving any bank or financial institutions. Besides this, crypto development promised impenetrable security and ease of maintaining records of transactions, which helped it to gain massive growth since its initiation. Today, there are countless cryptocurrencies floating in the market, and we have seen how these digital assets have earned mass adoption with ease passing day. This is the reason why cryptocurrency development services are budding like mushrooms in the current era.

Here are the significant parameters that make crypto assets the lucrative investment option:

  • Transparency & Security: Cryptocurrency transactions are done through a highly secure and encrypted blockchain network. The complex encryption and consensus algorithms make it tough for anyone to manipulate the distributed ledger.
  • Global Acceptance: Crypto development has become a common practice in all parts of the world. Businesses are accepting digital currency as the mode of payment.
  • Baseline Value: Each crypto coin or token comes with a significant intrinsic value, which remains the same worldwide.
  • Flow: The crypto market has sufficient liquidity.

Cryptocurrency & Bull Market – The Trading Basic 

Today, it’s tough to predict where the crypto market is going to head. However, before we delve deep into the financial benefits of choosing the right cryptocurrency development services for the development of new crypto assets, let’s understand what’s the bull market.

In trading, the bull market is referred to as a condition that is favourable for investors, as the market is on the rise. There is a sustainable price hike of crypto assets which favors a strong economy.

A bull run in the crypto market hints at least a 40% price rise within one or two days. It’s because crypto markets are comparatively smaller than traditional stock markets, and are more volatile. No wonder, a ‘bullish’ market heightens optimism about the rising value of your crypto assets.

Want to experience a bullish phase of cryptocurrencies? 

Bull Run In Crypto Market

The term ‘bull run’ signifies an extended period in which a large volume of cryptocurrencies is purchased by investors. It increases the demand for cryptocurrencies, favors rising prices, and arouses higher market confidence.

Investors feel happy and leave positive feedback, which further extends the bull run. For those involved in crypto development, it’s better to receive the response of investors with open arms, as it helps to build public confidence in their assets.

Enter the Booming Market With Antier’s Cryptocurrency Development Services 

It’s always beneficial to hire experts for cryptocurrency development, as it helps to complete the project on time and enter the bullish market with ease.

Let’s understand how Antier helps in crypto development:

1.) Provides greater decentralization

It’s never acceptable for the crypto community to get along with a crypto exchange that is completely under the control of its founders or investors. Antier will help choose the right platform for launching an upcoming crypto asset that is decentralized and follows a democratic approach. Furthermore, the coin or token for DAOs will also make it easier to enjoy better treasury management and provide incentives to the customers.

2.) Provides space for innovative ideas

Innovative ideas are always welcomed and nurture the crypto market. If you have bright ideas in your mind, share them with Antier, as it will help you to gain more attention in the bullish market. We help to add interesting features that can skyrocket the price value of your crypto asset and attain sizable profits with ease.

3.) Dealing with market uncertainty

Antier not only provides cryptocurrency development services but also helps in liquidity provisioning by offering market maker solutions. It helps small projects to sustain themselves in a highly competitive market and also fuels long-term benefits.

4.) Supporting DAOs

Many times, crypto development is meant solely for building a DAO. Our team is armed with amazing tools and technologies that help in shaping up the future of a DAO and get it prepared for the bull run.

How to create a cryptocurrency? 

The first step of initiating the crypto project, you must define your objectives. Before we start discussing the process of developing a cryptocurrency, it is necessary to understand the technology behind it, i.e., blockchain technology.

1.) Choose the blockchain network of your choice

As we know, cryptocurrencies are decentralized, and the transactions are validated through a consensus mechanism, it is necessary to select the right blockchain for the right project. There are varieties of blockchains to choose from, such as Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and much more.

2.) Create Nodes

Nodes are the network of computers that runs blockchain software and validates transactions. It’s your choice whether you want the nodes to be public or private, and on-site or on-cloud. Apart from this, you need to decide on the number of nodes, depending on your budget.

3.) Design the Architecture

Handle the technical aspects of designing the internal architecture which includes the aspects of economy and accessibility of your crypto assets:

  • Decide the number of coins you want to offer, block reward, and block size.
  • Create rules for validating a new block, storage, and protection of the private key.
  • Define who can access the network.
  • Define the number of digital signatures required for verifying a transaction.
  • Make a decision about transaction limits.

4.) Generation of a Wallet Address

Unless you have a wallet address, how can’t send or receive funds through the blockchain network?  Therefore, you must generate a wallet address for initiating crypto transactions.

5.) API Integration

Choose the right APIs for your cryptocurrency that can help build the trust of crypto enthusiasts in your newly launched digital money.

Wrapping Up

Want to earn profits in the bullish crypto market? Initiate your crypto development project with the help of Antier. It will make it easier for you to stay ahead in the competitive market and earn notable profits.

It’s tough for a layman to create crypto coins or tokens, code smart contracts, and fulfill the necessary technicalities for launching a new crypto venture like ICO, IDO, or DAO successfully. Why not utilize the best benefits of Antier’s cryptocurrency development services? Connect with us today!