A custom jersey manufacturer might manufacture jerseys for a corporate entity, for a sports team, for a rock band, for a charity, for a sponsorship, for a restaurant, for a handyman service, a plumbing service, or anyone or anything who wants their name on an item of clothing. Putting your name, logo, branding, wording or phone number or website on clothing is smart marketing. The clothing gets worn over and over again and pays for itself pretty quickly and it gets an extremely wide audience. A company uniform is not just handy for the staff who are wearing it. A company uniform gets noticed when the staff go shopping, pick up the kids from school, go for a walk through the suburbs, and so on. It is subliminal advertising. Rock bands do it, not just to be cool to their fans, but so their fans will wear the clothing and advertise their upcoming rock concerts. Custom clothing is smart clothing.

Who makes custom clothing

You can go to a custom clothing manufacturer, to their warehouse or shop, or you can find them online. A custom clothing manufacturer will brand all kinds of clothing, including tee shirts (think of corporates that sponsor big runs or big walks), polo shirts, long sleeve or short sleeve collared shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts (think of college sweatshirts that students love to wear) aprons such as the ones waiters or baristas might wear, caps and bandanas. They will do bathrobes for an engagement party or tee shirts for a birthday party. You can order the clothing in small amounts or in bulk, in different colors and sizes, and they will do the branding for you. A custom jersey manufacturer supplies the jersey and embroider or imprint the branding or wording you want, on the items.

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