Identification of dogs is a crucial issue that can have profound implications for you and your pet. Under US Law, all dogs need to wear collars with proper tags, country or city licenses, and information on rabies vaccination. 

Your furry friend can escape from the yard and go missing. As a responsible pet owner, you can take steps to ensure the proper identification of your dog during a mishap. Moreover, it is essential that the person who finds your dog can get in touch with you. 

One of the best ways to make your loyal companion easily identifiable is by investing in stainless steel dog tags. Tags made of stainless steel offer a durable and long-lasting solution for pet identification. With a customized tag, you can make it easy for strangers to identify your dog. 

Nowadays, stainless steel dog tags are worth the hype because of their sturdy build quality. These tags can withstand external factors and last for years. However, you must know about the available customization options to make your pet’s tags stand out.

Reasons to Invest in Customized Dog Tags 

Investing in personalized dog tags offers several benefits for pet owners and their furry companions. For instance, with a customized dog tag, you can create a unique identification accessory for your pet. The chances of getting reunited with your pet drastically increase with a personalized stainless-steel tag. 

As a pet owner, you are obliged by the law to ensure your dog wears formal identification in public places. Another key reason to invest in a custom pet ID tag is that it reflects your dog’s personality. Moreover, if your furry friend belongs to a unique breed, you can showcase their USP with ID tags. 

On these personalized tags, you can add engraved text in clear and legible fonts. These fonts ensure that anyone who finds your lost pet can quickly read and understand the information on the tag. So, there will be higher chances of a successful reunion with customized dog tags. 

Another key reason to opt for tag customization options is the enhanced safety and security. You can add detailed information beyond just contact details on these ID tags. For instance, you can also add medical information like allergies and other chronic illnesses.    

Pet ID Tags

Customization Options for Dog Tags – Aspects to Know 

Listed are some customization options that pet owners should be aware of. 

Engraving your Pet’s Information on the Tag 

Engraving your pet’s information is one of the most popular customization options. Furthermore, engraving on stainless steel dog tags can make them look unique. It increases the chances of a quick reunion if your dog escapes from the leash. 

The engraving option involves printing designs and texts onto the tag. While engraving, try to include your pet’s name and contact information in legible fonts. The main objective of engraving is to make pet-related information easily decipherable. 

The Shape and Size of the Dog Tags 

Nowadays, most tags for dogs are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. This allows you to find the perfect fit for your pet. Usually, there is a massive demand for conventional military-style pet tags. But you have the flexibility to select from a wide range of custom shapes and designs. 

For instance, you can buy classy stainless-steel tags for your canine friend. The key here is to choose a shape that complies with the personality of your dog.    

Double-Sided Engraving to Convey Detailed Information 

It is quite a possibility that you will need more space to print your dog’s unique information. One of the best ways to print detailed information is by opting for a double-sided engraving. By engraving on both portions of a tag, you can include additional information. 

During emergencies, this additional information will come in handy in searching for your dog. Most pet owners choose double-sided engraving to include an alternative address and secondary contact number. This type of engraving on a custom pet ID tag ensures that all relevant details are readily available. 

Select the Right Color Accents for your Tags 

Usually, the stainless-steel tags for pets are silver or metallic in color. However, some stores allow you to customize the color accents based on your preference. Some types of color accents can highlight the information about your pet, even in low-light conditions. Choose a color accent that makes the pet-related data legible.   

Dog tags made from stainless steel are highly customizable and durable. With various engraving options, shapes and sizes, and design elements, these tags can secure your dogs in unknown territories. If you want to procure high-quality and corrosion-resistant stainless-steel tags, visit Persimmon & Co. They offer fully customized stainless-steel tags for your pets.