The Power of Data Analytics for Online Property Valuations 

The real estate industry has become incredibly competitive, with multiple players vying for a market share. Home prices are no longer just proportional to the proximity to the nearest city. The permutations and combinations in the real estate market have undergone sea changes. 

At this juncture, data, the new oil, has emerged to add a life-enhancing effect to the real estate market in the form of online property valuation. Over the years, the amalgam of mathematics and science has weaved its magic into the real estate sector, driving sellers and buyers to make informed decisions. Data science has also managed to derive actionable and accurate insights from seemingly infinite data pools quickly. By critically analyzing data on past sales, property characteristics, and local market conditions, online property valuation brings down the margin for error in the volatile real estate market.  

It is not so incorrect to state that house valuation online is an art as it is a science. One has to strike a chord by balancing intuition and experience. It’s more of a rapid chess game where you identify hidden patterns and make the right move at the right moment. In such mission-critical scenarios, expert opinions and suggestions can be beneficial for you. Placing your bets on established players like Aurum InstaHome, Aurum ProTech’s proprietary data analytics platform lets you play the blitz game on the safer side.

Read along to learn how Aurum InstaHome does the trick and never fails to sets the bar high. 

1.Improving Valuations:

Before the rapid proliferation of data analytics, property valuation banked on conventional analytical methods. It was more of a proverbial mountain to surmount. The absence of cutting-edge tools compounded the problems. Also, these methods couldn’t keep pace with the rapidly fluctuating opportunities in the market, and the need for advanced analytical methods became unavoidable.  

By utilizing data-driven machine learning algorithms and historical data patterns, online property valuation becomes more accurate. The predictive models center around several factors, such as the average sale price of similar properties, the rate of appreciation or depreciation in a specific area, and the time it takes for properties to sell. 

Additionally, demographic and economic data can be the last pieces of the puzzle, helping you frame a complete picture of the real estate market. It is also important to follow multiple approaches and sources to validate the findings and consult with experts to interpret the data. 

2.Utilizing Historical Data:

Historical data controls the flow of data-centric online house valuation processes. It bolsters online property valuation by analyzing previous sales data of similar properties in adjoining areas. This unearths inconspicuous patterns and market trends, painting a picture of the progressive future of the market. 

Historical data analysis also thrives on comparable sales to estimate the fair market value of the subject property. It also examines changes in the average sale price or the appreciation rate. By analyzing data packets on relevant characteristics such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and age of the property, it is possible to zero in on key patterns that can impact property value. Historical data can also identify seasonal trends in the market and predict eventualities. 

How Aurum InstaHome Leverages Data Analytics for Online Property Valuation 


Have a look at how Auram InstaHome delivers a game-changing impact; 

1. Internal Database:

Auram InstaHome uses a foolproof structure based on industry reports and registry records to deliver accurate results. It uses a slew of avant-garde in-house tools for making up its internal database to deliver the best price results.  

2. Use of Data-based Algorithms:

With the backing up of data-based algorithms and machine learning tools, Aurum InstaHome reduces the margin of error while making critical decisions in the real estate market.  

3. Accurate Predictions :

Aurum also considers more than a hundred parameters for making critical evaluations and buying decisions. This renders accurate predictions while aggregating data from multiple sources that are not necessarily interlinked.  

As a result, Aurum InstaHome stands committed to its service, benefitting a pool of real estate professionals, investors, and homeowners for making informed decisions when buying, selling, or valuing properties. \

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Final Words:

The wide-scale acceptance of data analytic methods and processes to solve in-demand industrial problems no longer dawns as a eureka moment. AI-driven algorithms have revolutionalized the way we anticipate current trends and future patterns. Consequentially, the omnipresence of data analytics has revitalized the real estate market.  

Using complex data analytics algorithms to derive simple, actionable results in the complex web of the real estate market is easier said than done. Despite resurfacing data quality, security, and scalability challenges, a few have turned the tides in their favor.  

Modern-day realtors and property owners have plenty of choices offering data-driven optimizations on online property valuation. However, the credibility of their brand name and the quality of their services can be a big difference. In an increasingly data-dependent world, the best-in-class features offered by an agile and adaptable solution like Aurum InstaHome stands tall as a viable alternative.