Surviving in the scorching summers is difficult. So, those who can afford to buy a DC inverter air conditioner shouldn’t refrain from buying it. An inverter is far better and more efficient than other types of ACs. Let’s see how it works.

What is a DC inverter air conditioner?

In recent years, technology evolved; similarly, the inverter ACs replaced traditional air conditioners. What do you think was why the replacement was too fast? Well, the simplest answer to this is that it consumes less energy than those before this consumed. Hyundai power has been a renowned brand for years in producing high-tech home appliances.

They have implemented the technology in the compressor motors. Hence, the inverter regulates the compressor’s speed and maintains the room’s temperature. With this, you receive a deducible electricity bill compared to the normal ACs.

How does the inverter technology work?dc-inverter-air-conditioners

The manufacturers of this appliance have used innovative technology that works on the electric motors of the AC. So, in most models, it emits hot and cool air. The working principle includes transforming the AC into the DC. Hence, the inverter is responsible for producing electric current at variable frequencies.

Now comes the microcontroller. The job of this controller is to check the outdoor temperature of the surroundings and then regulate its blower speed accordingly. It can bear immediate and frequent temperature changes. The manufacturers use sharp and wide parts to dissipate the load of the appliances. Thus, it only makes a little sound when operating.

If briefly described, the more power a compressor consumes, the more power it generates as output. The compressor doesn’t stop for a moment; rather, it keeps changing the power consumption depending on the surrounding temperature.

When the surrounding temperature is high, it operates at high speed. The compressor operates at a low speed when the outside temperature is normal. Hence the cycle repeats as long you have powered on it.

Why do you need to purchase inverter ACs?

Nowadays, almost every household has at least one air conditioner installed. Inverters consume less number of units with fewer electricity charged bills. Hyundai power offers you the most affordable and efficient air conditioners. Here are some advantages of using them.

  • Operations

As read above, the compressors don’t switch off; rather, they keep changing the speed. Therefore, it won’t cause any fluctuation in the power supply. As it doesn’t restarts so you will observe a great power reduction.

  • Cooling

These ACs can provide cooling air as their compressor runs at high speed. Your room or where you have installed it would immediately cool down.

  • Long-term cost

You will receive a low bill through these ACs. Thus, it saves you cost in terms of electricity bills.

  • Noise

The compressor they have installed in it runs in a silent motion. Therefore, the outdoor and indoor units don’t make loud noise while operating.

  • Environment effect

You will find them with eco-friendly properties. That’s because its condenser operates when required.

  • Life

As the functioning of these ACs is low so it undergoes less wear and tear. So, the appliance has worked for a great number of years.

  • Additional feature

Most of you must have heard about the smart features. The brand designs them with air purification features, 4D swing, Wi-Fi, auto-cleaning, etc.

How to provide maintenance services to your air conditioner?

What happens when you regularly use a DC inverter air conditioner and don’t provide it with maintenance services? Your AC’s output performance reduces with time. You will observe its efficiency of cooling getting reduced or molds getting formed due to lack of humidity. Apart from this, there are many reasons why you need to give your home appliance the services it requires. Let’s see

how to Maintain Your Air Conditioner | AC Services | Hyundai.

1.Replace AC filters

An AC contains air filters that trap dust and other impurities. Also, it prevents impurities from transferring into the operating system. The filters often clog up with time, and you need to replace them. Sometimes you don’t need a replacement for the filters; cleaning up will bring a solution. With a wet cloth, wipe off the dust from the filters. You can even wash these to allow a smooth and efficient airflow.

2.Drain pipe

The drain pipe allows moisture to drain out. Bacterial growth might block the pipe. You can use chemicals or a vacuum to clean the pipe.


Insufficient air flow might cause the air conditioner fins to bend. Its performance also decreases. So, straighten these.

These are the simple maintenance tips every person must know to implement them. You can even hire professionals from Hyundai power to provide AC services. By doing frequent maintenance, you can boost your AC’s lifetime.


Always choose for DC inverter air conditioner whenever you need to purchase an AC. But remember to provide it with the necessary maintenance services.