Even after being a multi-billion-dollar sector, the cannabis industry is still impacted due to a variety of myths making the rounds of the market. And these myths are associated with a variety of things, including the side effects, potential effects, cannabis purchase, cannabis dispensaries and so on.

In this blog, we will take the liberty of debunking a few myths associated with the cannabis dispensary Kelowna.

Myth 1- You must be aware of cannabis before visiting the dispensary

Remember, the cannabis dispensary Kelowna has expert budtenders. These individuals have excellent knowledge of the cannabis industry, strains, products, brands, etc.

If you don’t know anything about cannabis, rely on the budtenders for information. Don’t just assume that not knowing anything about cannabis would lead to a disappointing purchase.


Myth 2- To visit a dispensary having medical marijuana card is mandatory

If you wish to use cannabis for a pre-approved illness, you might require carrying medical marijuana card. However, many countries allow recreational use, too. This means if you are of legal age, all you need is an ID for age proof. You can obtain cannabis without a medical card.

Myth 3- Cannabis sold at dispensaries might be illegal

Unless you are dealing with an illegal cannabis shop in a dingy alley, stay assured that your cannabis dispensary in Kelowna is sourcing cannabis from reliable sources.

Also, these shops operate under the guidelines of government and provincial laws and regulations.

To be concluded

Remember, not everything that people have to say about the cannabis dispensary in Kelowna is going to be true. It is your responsibility to speak with experts or read information from reliable sources to distinguish the truth.

We hope this blog managed to shed light on the truth for you!

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