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we invite you to a land where
time is divided by colour.

Umnya’s story began with an opportunity meeting somewhere down in the core of the Sahara desert between our main travelers; Anas and Salah. Anas, with a foundation in extravagance the travel industry was acquainted with Salah, a genuine migrant living in the desert, during a journey. They went through hours getting to know one another, discussing their carries on with, the traveler way of life, the desert, how they are living and content with nothing, grinning constantly and moving whatever may happen.

Anas and Salah associated immediately, they were both in stunningness of the otherworldly land that encompassed them – totally disengaged with the real world. Subsequent to getting calls from Salah regularly, for 15days following their most memorable gathering, Anas consented to get back to see the land… a huge and stunning space that was soon to become home to Umnya.

Going through the night in a desert is something else entirely contrasted with when you’re in the forest. The weather conditions is hotter and there are next to zero trees and vegetation around. Notwithstanding, it’s an intriguing spot to visit and a decent spot to partake in a decent pit fire under the brilliant night sky.

Dessert setting up camp takes cautious preparation and planning. Follow these supportive tips for a more charming encounter!


  • Sahara camel experience
  • Extravagance feasting encounters
  • Traveling with migrants
  • 4*4 ridge insight
  • Sand shower

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